In this episode of Power, Milan takes Tommy under his wing, and Kanan makes a new friend. If you missed episode 7 make sure to read the recap.

Hugo visits double agent Mike and demands to know where Lobos is. Mike doesn’t let on that Lobos is dead. He tells Hugo the ASUS is looking for the mole and his accomplice and demands his phone. Hugo agrees to give up the phone if Mike gives him $20,000 and a ticket to escape the country.

Jamie starts to investigate who is Milan. He swipes a pack of imported cigarettes called ‘Drinka.’ Jamie meets up with a FDA Agent who tells him the cigarettes are illegal contraband. Jamie warns the agent to keep the information between them because he is scared for Milan to find out.

To save Angela, Tommy and Jamie ambush Hugo. Jamie demands to know who is the mole. Hugo makes fun of way Tommy cried when he found his dog dead. Tommy loses it and kills Hugo. Jamie searches Hugo’s dead body and finds the phone that Hugo used to call Double-Agent Mike.

Angela meets Tasha and questions where Tommy was when Lobos was killed. When Angela threatens the ASUS is coming, Tasha mentions Tommy was with his mother. Angela visits Kate, who is fumbling Tommy’s alibi. Tommy shows up and tells Angela to ‘sit down.’ Tommy threatens to testify against Angela and Jamie.

Milan shows Tommy their new drug they plan to sell. Tommy questions how they plan on moving it and laughs at the plan. Proving his worth, Tommy comes up with a better plan which Milan approves.

Kanan tracks down Dre and Tariq. Tariq and Kanan play basketball and Kanan offers to hang out more often.


In the middle of the day, Milan calls a meeting with all Ghost’s distributors in Truth. Tommy takes over the meeting and announces the new drug they plan on distributing. All the distributors balk at paying for the new drug upfront. The leader of the Korean Kartel tells Tommy that he’s not down and accuses Tommy of killing his son. Milan’s goons kill him on the spot. Everyone else falls line. Jamie freaks out.

Milan shows up to Lakeishas’s office to talk to Tasha. Lakeisha overhears the conversation between Milan and Tasha. She finds out Tasha is using her spot to wash drug money. Milan tells Tasha to tell Jamie to end his plans of getting rid of him. When Milan leaves Lakeisha flips out and tells Tasha to get out. The next day, Tasha gives Lakeisha $500,000 to look the other way. As Tasha leaves, Tommy enters to kill Lakeisha under Milan’s orders.

Kanan meets up with Tariq afterschool. Kanan takes Tariq to the neighborhood where they grew up. Just as Kanan is about to shoot Tariq in his head, Tariq tells Kanan how much he hates Jamie and doesn’t trust him. Kanan changes his plan and allows Tariq to live.

Jamie meets with Angela and gives her Hugo’s phone. It’s revealed that Angela was wearing a wire while talking to Jamie. Later, Angela visits Greg and shows him video of Jamie and Tasha walking into the hotel the night Lobos died. Devasted from the revelation, Angela has pity sex with Greg. After sex, Angela is contemplating what to do with the phone Jamie gave her.


Jamie tracks down Milan’s warehouse. Just as Jamie is driving off, he spots Tommy entering the warehouse. This shocks him because earlier Tommy claimed not to know about the warehouse.

Well, what did you think of this episode? Did Angela going to plant that phone in Greg’s house? Did Tommy kill Lakeisha? Will Tariq be taller that Kanan in the next episode? Voice your thoughts in the comments!

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