In episode 7 of Power, Angela meets up with Tasha and Milan takes over Jamie’s life. Up until now, this is the most nerve-wracking episode of Power. If you missed episode 6, click here to catch up.

The AUSA realizes there is a mole in the Task Force. Internal Affairs traced the cell phone found on Lobos to the cell tower above the AUSA offices. Everyone on the Task Force questioned to determine who helped Lobos escape. Even Double Agent Mike is not safe.

Jamie meets with Karen Bassett at Truth. Karen gives him by end of day to give her the money for a total buy-in for her hotel. Meanwhile, Milan’s men are keeping a close eye on Jamie.

Tariq calls Tasha a “liar” when she defends Jamie’s actions. Tasha attempts to slap Tariq but Tariq blocks her shot. Tasha calls Jamie to speak to Tariq.


Milan brings Jamie and Tommy to their laundromat. Inside, Milan’s men have captured and bound Julio and the rest of the workers. As a show of power, Milan kills one of his workers in front of everyone for not following directions. Milan demands a check from Jamie by end of day to pay for the product he is going to sell him. Jamie claims he can’t get the money in time. Milan tells Jamie to tell Karen Bassett she has to wait for her money.

Jamie asks Tasha to borrow money from the children’s savings. Tasha, still fuming from her fight with Tariq, tells Jamie to ask Angela for the money. Jamie confesses Tasha that Angela and him are over. Later, when Tommy is at Tasha’s house, Tasha pretends she knows what happened to Holly. While accusing Tommy of flipping out on Holly, she divulges that Holly was pregnant. Tommy goes into a daze.

Dre wants Jamie to put him back in the game. Jamie offers him half the street business if he can help him bring down Milan. Ghost requests for Dre to make an anonymous tip about the missing Truth employee, Tatiana.


Angela questions if Tasha was with Jamie at the hotel the night that Lobos was murder. Tasha tells her the only thing Jamie killed that night was her back. Angela doesn’t believe her, but Tasha claims that she’s the reason Jamie is back with her.

Dre calls Kanan and explains how Milan took over Jamie’s business.

Tariq explains to Jamie that he wasn’t trying to hit Tasha. Jamie tells Tariq that real men apologize and he owes Tasha an apology. Tariq refers to Angela as Jamie’s side-bitch which angers Jamie.

Tasha’s upset because Jamie has an unexpected dinner guest. It’s Milan and he’s brought Tatiana with him. At the end of dinner, Jamie pays Milan. Once everyone leaves Jamie explains everything to Tasha.

Tommy gets kidnapped and beat down by Milan’s goons. Milan ends his suffering stating that Tommy will be the better for it.

The episode concludes with Angela confronting Jamie about the murder of Lobos. Angela strongly believes Jamie killed Lobos and wants to know who told him where to kill Lobos. Jamie sticks to his story and Angela leaves.


Do you think Karen Basset is legit? Who told Milan that Jamie was searching for Tatiana? How does all of this play into Kanan’s evil plans?