In Power season 3, episode 6, Lobos and Jamie are set free and then the writers throw a curve ball NO ONE SAW COMING. Did you miss episode 5? Shame on you.

Tommy is sleeping his car because he doesn’t want to go upstairs where he murdered Holly. Jamie and Tommy go upstairs and plot to kill Lobos. To Ghosts’ dismay, Tommy adds Tasha to the plan.

The Feds want to transfer Lobos in an armored tank. Double Agent Mike feels a tank is overboard. The Feds don’t agree but settling on an armored van with GPS tracking. They appoint Greg to lead the operation.

Power - Ghost and Tasha

As part of his alibi for when he kills Lobos, Jamie spends the night with Tasha at Karen Bassett’s hotel. When Jamie sneaks out of the hotel, Tasha stays behind and pretends that he is in the hotel room with her.

Tommy works with Lobos’ goons to free Lobos from the federal transport. The Goons intercept Lobos, shooting all the officers including Greg. Lobos and ’em escape with Tommy driving the getaway car. Tommy drives them to an undiscussed location. Ghost appears and kills Lobos’ goons. Jamie and Tommy kidnap Lobos.

Angela, still unsure about Jamie’s drug dealing status, texts Jamie to see if he’s at the hotel. Tasha, pretending to be Jamie, immediately writes her back which relives Angela. Tasha stumbles upon the divorce papers Jamie is about to serve her with.

During the kidnapping, Lobos gets in Jamie’s head. Lobos statesthat if anything happens to him, his mole in the Feds will kill Angela. The threat makes Jamie upset. Then Lobos tells Tommy that his goons have Holly and will kill her if he isn’t released. The boys realize that Lobos is bluffing because Holly is already dead.

NOTE: Throughout this scene Lobos tells the boys they are sloppy with their plan.

Greg arrives back at the station and makes the accusation that there is a mole in the Feds. Mike refutes this claim. Soon, Lobos’ main man calls Mike and wants to know where Lobos is. Mike realizes Lobos is missing and calls Lobos on the phone he gave Lobos in jail.


Power - Lobos

Tommy and Jamie disagree about how and where to kill Lobos. In the midst of the confusion, Lobos bolts, escaping into the woods. Hours later, Lobos comes out of hiding. Tommy urges Jamie not to kill Lobos but Jamie kills him anyway. They leave Lobos’ body is the woods.

Jamie comes back to the hotel to meet Tasha. Tasha reveals to Jamie that she found and signed the divorce papers. Tommy visits the spot where he buried Holly. He leaves behind his mother’s ring.

NOTE: Jamie removed the ring from Holly's finger when they buried her.


Power - Milan

While Jamie is happy Dean saved his life, Jamie fires him. As Jamie walks away from Dean, Dean says, “you finally killed Lobos.” This statement stops Jamie DEAD in his tracks. After humbling Jamie, Dean reveals that he is Milan, the head of The Serbs. Milan knows EVERYTHING about Jamie down to the codes to the safe. In Season 2, Tommy and Jamie stole part Milan’s shipment of drugs. Now Milan wants his money back. Jamie is no longer free.

NOTE: We knew Dean was up to something but we had no idea it was this big.

Jamie crying after breaking up with Angela.

Jamie tells Tommy about Milan. Tommy suggests Ghost kill Angela for her own safety because Milan will torture Angela. Instead of killing Angela, Jamie breaks up with her leaving her devastated.

What did you think of this episode? Did you see the Milan switch coming up? Whats going to happen to Tasha?