In episode 5 of Power, the Feds squeeze Ruiz for information on Lobos and Ghost, Kanan babysits for Dre and Tommy loses it. If you missed episode 4, read it here.

A recently shot Tommy is paranoid. Holly tells Tommy they have to kill Ghost before Lobos kills them. Tommy is not allowed to leave the apartment until he comes up with a plan to kill Jamie.

Hefe has something brewing.

With the return of Ruiz, Lobos is furious and threatens to kill Mike’s daughter.

Angela visits Greg before he can go to work. She asks him to back off the investigation because it will incriminate Jamie. Greg refuses to back down. Later, in a meeting, Greg suggest getting Ruiz to rat on everyone in Lobos’ network. Angela opposes this idea, but everyone else likes it. Mike isn’t happy about it either.


Tasha convinces Tariq to hang with his father. Tariq refuses but obliges because Tasha begs him to try. Jamie overhears the entire conversation and is heartbroken.

Tommy’s mom Kate comes over for a visit. When Tommy introduces Holly to Kate, Kate sees the disturbing ‘red-head’ resemblance between them. Kate is also taken back when she see’s Holly wearing her mother’s ring.

As punishment for stealing Angela’s gun, Tariq has to work at Truth. Tariq becomes Dre’s assistant for the day and the two bond during work. Dre tells Tariq that his father took the news hard when Shawn died which makes Tariq feel better.

NOTE: Dre is the LAST person to teach anyone about work. Kanan told him to cut up Sean's body - he didn't do that. Jamie told him to get the contract signed with the DJ - he didn't do that.

Who you gonna call? Ghost!

Proctor sees Ruiz walking thru in the Federal Building with Angela and relays this to Jamie. Jamie’s upset because Angela didn’t warn him Ruiz was back in town. The Feds approach Ruiz with a new deal to testify against Lobos and everyone else in the organization. Ruiz immediately turns down the new deal.

While Tommy and Kate sniff lines of blow, Tasha comes by with checks for Kate. Holly questions Tasha for the whereabouts of Jamie. Tasha tells her and Holly texts the location to The Jamaican Hit-Men.


Greg tells Ruiz that he knows Ruiz paid Tommy to kill Nomar. Ruiz will face the death penalty for killing a Federal Information if he does not snitch on Ghost.

Jamie tells Dean he no longer needs his personal services and to focus on the clubs. After his meeting with Dean, Jamie questions why Tariq stole Angela’s gun. Tariq tells Jamie that he was angry at how Jamie left them. Jamie apologizes realizing the actions of his ways.

The Feds find out Ruiz is about to give up everything they want to know. Mike and Angela are not happy about this news. Angela goes to Truth and advises Jamie to get a lawyer. Jamie questions when and if Angela was going to tell him about Ruiz. Angela’s shocked that James knows about Ruiz. Jamie questions if Angela can fix it otherwise, he will fix it himself.


Power - S3, E5 - Kanan

Dre comes home from work to find Kanan holding his baby. Kanan tells Dre that he had one job and failed him. Kanan, holding Dre’s baby walks to the window and says, “baby want to fly?” Dre tells Kanan to trust him. Kanan hands the baby back to Dre and tells Dre to stay ready and leaves.

This scene is pivotal because this is the first time that Kanan is back in NYC since his fight with Ghost. Kanan holding Dre's baby in the air like a proud uncle shows you just how evil Kanan is willing to be. With time, Kanan could rank up there with the likes of The Joker.

Angela confronts Ruiz. She instructs Ruiz to only roll over on Lobos. Speaking in Spanish, Angela reminds Ruiz that he is Soladado and he owes Ghost his life.

During Kate’s over extended stay, she reminds Tommy that Jamie always stuck up for him. At one point, she says that Jamie is like a son to her, which makes Tommy reconsider his position on Ghost. Julio stops by to tell Tommy the Koreans got hit. As Julio give more details, Tommy realizes that this happened on the same day and time when he got shot.

Ruiz tells the Feds, Ghost is Lobos distributor but doesn’t know his real name or identity. The Feds remind Ruiz that he will get the death sentence for killing Nomar. Ruiz’s lawyer makes them back down. The Feds settle on the information Ruiz has on Lobos.

Mike is able to get Lobos a reduced sentence. This allows Lobos to plan an escape plan when he gets to the Teterboro airport. This good news causes Lobos to gain an erection and fondle Mike.


Tommy tells Holly that Dylan shot him not Lobos. He even believes Jamie saved him. Before Tommy can call Jamie to talk out their differences, Holly reveals to Tommy that she put out a hit on Jamie. This revelation INFURIATES Tommy.


As Jamie and Tariq are driving to the basketball game, they get rear ended. Jamie gets out of the car to see the damage and The Jamaican Hit-Men exit the car. Unbeknownst to Jamie, Dean and his squad of mercenaries kill the Hitmen. Jamie leaves the scene.


In all his rage and anger, Tommy cancels Christmas on Holly. Holly is dead.

Angela tells Jamie that he is safe from Lobos and Ruiz. Jamie thanks Angela for helping him and hands Angela separation papers. Angela is ecstatic because Jamie is going to leave his wife and three children for her.


As he sleeps, Ghost realizes who put the hit on him and goes to Tommy’s house. He finds Tommy and the lifeless body of Holly. Tommy is in a daze and says to Ghost, ‘Help me.’ The two dispose of Holly. Tommy tells Jamie that Holly out a hit on him without his knowledge. Jamie tells Tommy that they have to kill Lobos together.

What did you think of this episode? Will Tasha tell Tommy that Holly was pregnant? How will Tasha act when Jamie gives her those separation papers? Will Tariq be taller than Jamie by episode 8?