In episode 4 of Power, Angela meets with Tasha, someone shoots Tommy and Kanan shows off his hand skills. Also, Ghost is back. If you missed episode 3 of Power, check it out here.

Tasha calls Jamie and requests for him to pick up Tariq from school but Jamie declines because he has a meeting. Jamie blames Tasha for why he isn’t seeing his children. Angela overhears the entire conversation including the slur that Tasha said about her.


Holly questions Tommy about his late night meeting with Tariq. Tommy tells her that Jamie showed up instead of Tariq. Holly feels that Tommy is stalling and suggests Tommy outsource the hit to The Jamaicans. Tommy states the last time he outsourced to the Jamaicans, things did not work as planned.

Jukebox & Kanan

Jukebox and the DC Gang are reviewing plans to rob a jewelry store. Kanan becomes the latest addition on the heist. Unsure of Kanan’s abilities to hold a gun, Jukebox leaves Candie behind to give Kanan “hand therapy”.

WARNING: The "hand therapy" scene traumatized 50's aunt.

Dean, Jamie’s head of security, informs Jamie that no one is following him. Jamie chooses to continue to have his security detail following him. Dean questions who Jamie thinks is following him. When Jamie does not divulge who is following him it makes Dean suspicious.

Tasha arrives home to find Angela waiting in her building lobby. She apologizes to Tasha about the gun incident. Angela also had the gun incident expunged from Tariq’s records. Tasha believes Jamie asked Angela to change the records and gives Angela some words of wisdom, “you’re going to be doing for Ghost the rest of your life.”

Angela & Jamie

When Angela comes home, Jamie’s upset that Angela met with Tasha without his knowledge. In the heat of the argument, Jamie refers to Tasha as his “wife” which rattles Angela to her core.

Kanan and the DC Gang rob the jewelry store. Dirt, one of the members of the DC Gang is actually a sales rep in the jewelry store. Kanan roughly drags Dirt to the back of the store to open the safe. Once the safe is open, Kanan kills Dirt.


NOTE: We aren't sure why Kanan killed Dirt. It could be for many reasons. In episode 3, Kanan and Dirt exchanged words. Kanan called Dirt a bitch ass niggah, and Dirt called Kanan Two-Face. In this episode during the robbery planning, Jukebox said to leave no hostages. In either situation, we know Kanan is petty and enjoyed taking another life.

Angela reports to Mike that she found a break in the Lobos case. Mike dismisses her new findings. Once Angela leaves Greg’s office, he sends a text out to Lobos’ camp saying, ‘we might have a problem.’

During a meeting with Karen Bassett, she tells Jamie he needs to improve his social media. Later that night, Jamie allows his club patrons to take pictures with him and post them on social media.


Greg tracks down Ruiz in Los Angeles. Greg claims Lobos is after Ruiz and offers Ruiz protection from Lobos. Ruiz agrees to testify against Lobos, Tommy and Ghost. This move puts Greg back on the force.

When Tommy and Holly meet at Tasha’s house, Tasha notices that Holly poured out her wine. Tasha realizing that Holly is pregnant warns Holly about the dangers of having a baby with a drug dealer.


Kanan gives Candie a piece of jewelry he stole during the robbery. Candie accepts the gift and tells Kanan that Jukebox supplies everything for her. Kanan and Candie have a quickie in the kitchen. Kanan tells Candie not to tell Jukebox.

Just as Jamie’s head of security is about to tell Jamie some new information on Karen Bassett, Dre calls. While hanging out in the hood, Dre learns that Dylan put out a hit on Tommy for snitching on him. Dre tells Jamie where and when the hit is going down.


As Tommy is exiting a church, the Koreans do a drive-by hitting Tommy in the arm. On the other side of the street, Ghost shows up and kills the shooters. Ghost does not notice that his head of security is still watching him.

POWER MOVE: “Killing Ghost Is Too Easy”

Jukebox tells Kanan that she knows he had sex with Candie and he should have asked for permission. With his cut from the jewelry store robbery, Kanan tells Jukebox he plans to go back to New York and kill Ghost. Jukebox suggests for Kanan to reconsider his plans.

Tommy comes home bloody. Even though Tommy has no idea who shot him, he tells Holly it was Lobos. Holly leaves Tommy to get medical supplies. Instead, Holly goes to the Jamaican Shop and places a hit on James St. Patrick.

What did you think of tonight’s Power episode? Did Holly overstep her boundaries putting a hit on Ghost? Will this backfire on her? Will Kanan smashing Candie come back to haunt him? Who is Karen Bassett? and what is Karen’s game plan? And what’s up with these sex scenes? Are they too real for TV?

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