The underlying theme for this Power episode is responsibility. Jamie has to take responsibility for Tariq stealing Angela’s gun. Tommy has to take responsibility for not killing Ghost. Hopefully, Julio was being responsible before having sex with his prostitute from Fort Lee.


The episode begins in Washington DC. Two kids are robbing a store for drugs. One of the kids gets greedy and demands money from the register. During the robbery, the store owner trips the silent alarm. Moments later, a female police officer shows up. She questions if the store owner tripped the silent alarm. The store owner admits he triggered the alarm. Then the officer commands the robber to shoot the store owner. The officer yells at both kids and then kills the overzealous robber. When the officer comes home we discover she is housing Kanan, who is still recovering from the beatdown Ghost gave him in NYC.

Holly brings Tasha onboard to help Tommy clean the dirty money. Tasha comes up with a plan to clean the money by purchasing hi-end hair weave and selling it to other hair salons.

Julio has sex with Ms. Fort Lee, one of the Korean Cartels prostitutes. Afterward, he notices Ms. Lee is sniffing coke again and warns her to slow down. Ms. Fort Lee tells Julio the cocaine is weak. Julio questions where she gets the coke and she states Dylan, the Korean Cartel’s son. Julio immediately calls Tommy.

Back in DC, we learn Kanan and the officer, Jukebox, are cousins. Jukebox refuses to give Kanan any pain medication until he tells her how he got beat up.

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Jamie’s competitors Andy and Alby are having a business dinner with a potential club investor, Karen Bassett. Jamie disrupts the meeting, immediately wooing Karen from the new-jack club promoters. Later, an impressed Karen drops by Truth to discuss building a club in a new hotel she is opening. As a side note, Karen also implies she wants to get to know Jamie better.

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While Jukebox is at work, her girlfriend Candie teases Kanan to find out what happened to him in NYC. After a few sips of Texas Tea, Kanan tells Candie about his relationship with Jukebox and he mumbles incoherently about ‘getting back at ghost.’

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The police pull over Tasha for an illegal lane change. The ladies have a bag of unexplained cash in the car which makes Holly panic. When the police ask to see Tasha’s license and registration, Holly pretends Tasha is her nanny. Holly says it was her fault for rushing Tasha. Tasha quickly jumps into role play and puts on a fake Jamaican accent an apologizes. The officer lets Tasha off the hook with a warning. Once they get home, Holly and Tasha appear to bond like a modern day Thelma and Louise.

Tommy & Jai

Tommy confronts Jae Shin, the head of the Korean Cartel, about the cocaine Ms. Fort Lee was sniffing. Jae states what he does with the coke is none of Tommy’s concern. Tommy, growing into his boss role, gives Jae two reasons why he should show concern. Jae promises to investigate – right after he does some Karaoke.

When Jukebox comes home from work she immediately questions if Candie had sex with Kanan. Jukebox hoped that Kanan having sex with Candie would coerce Kanan to confess what happened to him. Candie does recant to Jukebox that Kanan uttered something about getting back at ghosts. Jukebox figures out Ghost is somehow responsible for what happened to Kanan. As a reward for her efforts, Jukebox gives Candie the finger.

Angela and Greg

As Angela is telling Jamie about her apartment hunt, she notices Greg stalking her. After she ditches Jamie, Angela confronts Greg in the alleyway. Greg shows Angela a recent picture of Jamie leaving Tommy’s house. This places doubt in Angela’s mind about Jamie’s whereabouts.

Tariq gets caught with the gun he stole from Angela’s house in school. Jamie and Tasha get called into school and question where Tariq would get a gun. The principal reveals the gun belongs to Angela Valdez. The principal is looking to expulse Tariq from school until Tasha flips the script. Tasha brings up past cases in the school where other major offenses in the school were over looked. After they leave the school, Tasha wants to know how Tariq stole the gun from Angela’s house. Jamie admits to Tasha he was not in the house the entire night which angers Tasha even more.

This scene deals with how American schools treat children different depending on their race.

Jamie and Angela argue about Tariq stealing Angela’s gun. During the argument, Angela questions if Jamie has seen Tommy lately. Jamie admits that he’s gone to see Tommy but Tommy wasn’t there. Jamie also states that he will see his children on his own without Angela present. Heartbroken, Angela discards the real estate paperwork for the bigger apartment shattering her dream of joining Jamie’s pre-existing family.

Dirk, the surviving robber from earlier in the episode, confronts Jukebox about the shooting. Kanan overhears the conversation and calls Dirk a bitch ass nigger. Dirk calls Kanan Two-Face (a villain of Batman). [This insult is interesting because it’s referring to how Kanan’s face currently looks and Two-Face carries a coin (sometimes a 50 cent piece) to make important decisions.] After Dirk leaves, Jukebox and Kanan finally talk. Kanan has trust issues with Jukebox because she’s blue. Jukebox explains her position as an officer which satisfy’s Kanan. Jukebox, using her police access finds out that Shawn is dead and wants to know how Shawn died. Kanan has the opportunity to lie but instead takes full responsibility for killing his only son. Jukebox agrees with Kanan’s decision to kill his only son. Shawn was a pawn and “you sacrifice pawns for the greater good.”

Jae determines his son Dylan has been stealing from him and forces him to cut off his own finger as repentance.

THAT is how you teach your son to be responsible!

Jamie and Tommy Meet Up

Holly discovers she is pregnant and now she wants to know what Tommy is doing about Ghost. In the midst of his argument with Holly, Tommy receives a text message from Tariq. Tariq needs to talk to his Uncle Tommy. Despite being mad at Jamie, Uncle Tommy goes to meet Tariq but instead finds Jamie. Jamie tries to convince Tommy to help him kill Lobos. During the ‘convincing’ conversation, Jamie implies Tommy is going to make a mistake. This angers Tommy and Tommy walks away with Jamie unsure if Lobos is after him or not.

What did you think about tonight’s episode? Was Anika Noni Rose believable as a crooked lesbian police officer? How long with this new relationship between Tasha and Holly last? And what about Tommy? Is he finally going to kill Ghost or will Lobos kill Holly first?

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