In episode 2 of Power, Tasha and Angela meet face-to-face and Tasha and Holly meet. Finally, Tommy has Jamie in his crosshairs. If you missed episode 1, make sure to read the recap.

Jamie needs Proctor’s advice to locate Lobos. Jamie reaches out to his hitter in prison. He informs him that Lobos is still alive and that he needs to finish the job.

Even without an eye witness, Angela is confident the Feds will win their John Doe Witness Protection Program against Lobos. Mike, who is secretly working with Lobos, plays stupid with Angela. He suggests that it’s not a good idea. As Angela leaves, Saxe approaches Mike and he wants to investigate who was the person who stabbed Lobos. Mike, doesn’t really like that idea either.

Tommy hasn’t told Holly the truth about the dog. Instead, he encourages Holly to plaster the neighborhood with posters looking for the dog.

Jamie visits Tasha and thanks her for allowing the kids to meet Angela. Before Jamie leaves, he gives Tasha a check to give to Tommy which would close down all the businesses and end their partnership for good. When Tasha, goes to visit Tommy she runs into Holly but the two butt heads immediately – until Holly sees how much the check is for. Tasha takes the check back and tells Holly to have Tommy reach out.

Julio questions Tommy about why Lobos keeps delivering small shipments of the product. Julio makes a suggestion to cut it to make it stretch but Tommy objects to this idea.

LeKeisha and Tasha exchange playful banter about the children staying at Angela’s house. LeKeisha notices Tasha’s wedding ring is gone. Tasha confides to Keisha that she sold the ring. Keisha questions if Tasha needs money, to which Tasha denies but the look on her face says otherwise.

Jamie introduces himself to Andy and Aldy, two big spenders at the club Truth. Jamie tells them that he is hiring DJ Taj, a high profile EMD DJ for his other club Verbatim and invites them back for opening night. The guys accept his generous and gracious offer.

Pressed for some action, Dre confronts Jamie about the “La Arana” card he saw on Ghost’s desk. Dre knows the card means trouble and tells Jamie that he’s down for whatever. Jamie sends Dre away to handle more club business.

Tommy finally meets up with Tasha up at a diner. Tasha questions why Tommy is mad at her. Tommy inquires why Tasha didn’t tell him that Jamie set up Kanan and sent him to jail. Tasha flips the script and questions why Tommy didn’t tell her Jamie was smashing “Miss Puerto Rico.” Tasha and Tommy leave on bad terms.

Dre does a club walk thru with DJ Taj. The DJ makes some unusual demanding requests to Dre which angers him. As Jamie walks in, he sees Dre is about to go street on DJ Taj and smoothes out the situation. Jamie tells Dre to handle the contract between the club and the DJ Taj. Instead of handling his job, Dre goes back to the block and meets up with his boys. Once his boys find out that Dre works at a club, they question him about how to rob it but Dre states that he doesn’t know the ins and outs just yet. His boys also question the whereabout of Kanan because no one has seen him in a while.

NOTE: Despite being a “germaphobe”, DJ Taj touches Dre but won’t shake Jamie’s hand. Hmmm…

The Korean Cartel’s upset that Tommy only delivered half of the shipment. The head of the Cartel allows Tommy to correct his mistake. At the end of the meeting, Tommy says domo arigato, which means “thank you very much” in – JAPANESE. The Korean’s son is offended but the father appreciates the effort.

Proctor can’t find Lobos through his connections. He suggests that Lobos may be in hiding using the John Doe Prosecution. Proctor suggests that Jamie question Angela to find out where Lobos is.

Tommy comes home and shows Holly the check that Tasha gave him. Holly offers to take it to the bank but Tommy says he will handle it. During her “philacio” duties, Holly slips the check into her possession.

Ghost finds out that DJ Taj will be spinning across the street because someone *cough* Dre *cough* didn’t get the contract signed. Jamie wants to know who owns the club across the street and he finds out it’s Andy and Alby. Dre apologizes for not getting the contract signed BUT he tells Jamie that he’s not used to doing work – he’s from the hood.

Unannounched, Tasha drops by Angela’s house. Tasha wants to see inspect where her kids will be staying. She gives Angela a bunch of guidelines. Tasha remarks that the house is smaller than she expected.

Holly finds out that Tasha is the mastermind behind setting up all the bank accounts so Tommy and Jamie never got caught selling drugs. Holly suggests that they bring on use Tasha as a partner.

Saxe is upset with Angela because he feels that she sent back the evidence of the guy who stabbed Lobos was sent back to the various precincts making it more difficult to find out who attempted to kill Lobos. This news makes Angela rush home but gets sidetracked by the unexpected drop off of Jamie’s kids.

Saxe finds footage of Lobos’ stabber and spots a tattoo on his neck which allows him to figure out who stabbed Lobos. Saxe shows Mike a picture of who stabbed Lobos.

While the kids exchange small talk with Angela. Jamie gets an unexpected call phone from Tommy and tells Angela to play with the kids until he returns. Jamie wants to meet Tommy in person. Tommy suggests Brooklyn Bridge Park. Tommy positions himself in the shadows but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Tommy leaves the park and sends Jamie a text that he can’t make it.

While sleeping over at Angela’s house, Jamie’s son, Tariq steals Angela’s gun.

In the middle of the night, Angela receives a text that the inmate that Saxe identified was stabbed and of course Jamie isn’t in bed with her which puts more doubt in her mind. Angela tosses and turns throughout the night wondering if Jamie is still Ghost.

Upset that he didn’t have the balls to kill his former partner, Tommy spends the evening getting high on his own supply. One of his henchmen makes a joke about Tommy causing the often irrational boss to beat him to a bloody pulp. As Julio looks on, Tommy tells Julio it should have been him for talking to Ghost.

“Nobody better ever disrespect me again.” – Tommy


Still spaced out of his mind, Tommy confesses to Holly that Bella is dead and Lobos will kill her next if he doesn’t kill Jamie. Holly puts the battery in Tommy’s back and tells him, “If you can’t kill Ghost for yourself Tommy do it for me.” Suddenly, a knock is heard on the door and Holly has some surprising news for Tommy. Tommy isn’t sure what to expect. In walks Tasha like she’s a hood version of Olivia Pope.

“I hear you have a problem. Apparently, I can help.” – Tasha

What do you think will happen next episode? Who do you think killed the hitter? Ghost? Lobos? or Mike?