In episode 1 of Power, Tommy wants everyone to know he’s the boss and Jamie separates himself from Ghost.

Jamie walks into the club with Angela on his arm. This scene is like the original opening scene of Season 1, where Jamie walks out with Tasha. This scene makes it official that Jamie and Angela are a couple and Tasha is out of the picture.

On the other side of town, Tommy intervenes in a turf dispute between his crew and an opposing crew. Tommy lacks the street finesse of Ghost and starts a brawl.

While at work, Jamie discovers a bloody “La Arana” card in his desk. Jamie’s puzzled by how the card was in his desk and watches past security footage. He sees one of his employees place the card in his desk. Jamie visits the employee a visit he discovers they are already dead.

Lobos’ lawyer is trying to extradite Lobos back to Mexico on the grounds that his client is not safe. Angela convinces the judge to put Lobos under a John Doe Prosecution. This would allow the Fedz to pretend that Lobos is dead and still remain in protective custody. Mike turns down Angela’s requests to meet Lobos. Later, Lobos tells Mike he wants to meet Angela.

Power Season 3

Jamie meets with Tasha to ask if his children can meet Angela. Tasha’s upset at this request. She is also angry that Jamie has not spoken to Tariq about the death of Shawn. Jamie tells Tasha that Kanan killed Shawn and that he killed Kanan. Tasha confirms with Tommy that Jamie killed Kanan. Tommy tells Tasha he wants nothing to do with her.

Tommy meets with all their buyers promising good prices and protection. Also Tommy makes it clear that he is the boss and Ghost is out of the picture.

During a quickie with Holly, Lobos calls Tommy to remind him of their deal – kill Ghost or your family dies.

When Julio questions Tommy about Ghost, Tommy loses it on Julio telling Julio that he is the boss now. Julio visits Jamie at the club to confirm that “Ghost” is not the boss. While Julio is complaining about still doing pick-ups in Paterson, New Jersey, Jamie realized that Lobos is still alive which makes Jamie nervous.

Earlier in the episode, Greg questions Kantos. Kantos dismissed Greg. Just as Kantos was about to tell Jamie about the encounter with Greg....

During a staff meeting, Jamie fires Kantos in front of everyone and throws him out.

NOTE: Kantos hired the employee that placed the "La Arana" card into Jamie's desk.

Angela is not sure if Jamie is 100% out of the drug game and confronts Jamie about Julio visiting the club. During the conversation, Angela also confirms to Jamie that Lobos is alive. Angela believes Jamie is safe but Jamie is uncertain.


Tommy realizes that Lobos isn’t playing games when he comes home and finds his dog is dead.

At the end of the episode, an uneasy Jamie leaves Tommy a voice mail.

“Tommy, we need to talk man. It’s Ghost.”

What do you think will happen next episode? Will Tasha allow Angela to meet her kids? Will Holly die next episode? Is Ghost back?