The countdown for G-Unit boss 50 Cent‘s “Power” season three premiere may have already thanks to actor Omari Hardwick.

According to reports, Hardwick may have hinted at the show’s possible return on social media.

While there has been no official confirmation on the air date of Power season 3, actor Omari Hardwick (Ghost) recently posted a tweet saying, “Day 1 down. Bout 160 to go…” Looks like fans and viewers can expect the series to return around early summer of 2016, speculates Music Times. Seeing that season 1 premiered in June 2014 and with the record-breaking season 2 premiere airing on 6 June 2015, perhaps, we can expect season 3 to premiere on 4 June 2016? (Music Times)

Check out what 50 Cent recently said about “Power’s” future…

Recently, “Power” actor JR Ramirez spoke to SOHH about his show’s inevitable comparison’s to Fox’s “Empire” series.

“I think it’s a great thing! They’re both two completely different shows,” Ramirez told SOHH. “And the more they talk about “Empire,” the more they talk about “Power!” Period. (SOHH)

Last month, 50 Cent posted a picture alongside the “Power” cast onto social media.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.55.46 AM

Fif recently predicted how long his “Power” show would run.

“It’s the number one show on the network now – the second season [premiere] was the largest original series numbers they ever saw at Starz. They’re excited. Those are the kind of numbers that would have made [Diddy’s television network] Revolt a success. It would have did it. [Season three] is green lit. This will be going on for about probably seven seasons. Six or seven seasons. But, you know, they wait ’til after the first show has great numbers every season before they say the next one is green lit. But you know, the arc is written for five at this point.” (Hot 93.7)