With two episodes to go the pressure is on but I’m still not feeling the theme song.

In this episode, Kanan makes a come back, Lobos goes both ways, and Tommy gets arrested by Greg and The Fedz.

The episode begins with an assassination attempt on Lobos aburptly interrupting his underwater blowjob from his ‘amigo.’ Even though Lobos successfully kills the assassin it makes Lobos want to get out of the drug game sooner than later, which means he needs a successor.

Upon visiting his wife, Ghost notices that Tasha has changed the combination on the safe. [SIDENOTE: This is the second time Ghost has shown to be very astute when it comes to things that are out of the norm. The first being when he called out Shawn for hanging up the phone every time he gets in the car like he's hiding something.] While the recently separated couple confirm arrangements for the children, Tasha wants to know the details of ‘the plan’ that Ghost has. Ghost explains that Angela is after Lobos, not Tommy, which brings Tasha some relief but she orders Ghost to kill Lobos which will stop the investigation to which Ghost agrees.

Tensions have grown thick between Ghost and Tommy. Tommy lets Ghost know to his face that he was within seconds of killing his sidepiece. Ghost reassures Tommy that Angela is after Lobos. Ghost tells Tommy Tasha’s plan his plan to kill Lobos to which Tommy thinks Ghost is crazy. Ghost ends the conversation with plans on getting out of the drug game which upsets Tommy who loves the game.

Kanan is back in town and milks Shawn for information on Lobos. Baby Boy comes up dry. Shawn’s mother also remarks on how she doesn’t like Shawn out at all hours of night which perks up Kanan’s ears.

Lobos calls Ghost to “talk” and sends him the address to meet via text message – which Angela intercepts via her mirror image of Ghost’s phone. Angela follows Ghost to the meeting spot which happens to be The Bally Store.

While Angela stands outside of Bally’s she calls Ghost and pretends she doesn’t know where he’s at. Ghost tells her he’s at Truth (get it?) but Angela knows he is lying because she can see him on his phone as she peers through the storefront window. The worker in the store gives Ghost a business card with the real meeting place and Ghost leaves, leaving Angela wondering.

Lobos meets Ghost to propose that Ghost to take over his New York distribution. He suggest that Ghost get rid of Tommy because Tommy is holding him back. Ghost requests a few days to think about it. After the meeting, Lobos realizes that Ghost isn’t interested in his offer and decides that Ghost is a liability and plans to kill him.

Kanan meets up with Dre. Dre tells Kanan about his conversation with Ghost. Kanan tells Dre to befriend Ghost while he befriends Tommy.

POWER: Kanan Finds Out Shawn Is Smashing Tasha

Ghost visits Angela bearing a gift from Bally’s. New shoes! Upon seeing the bag, she drops her suspicions about Ghost because it appears that he lied about being at Truth to get her a present.

[SIDENOTE: When Angela called Ghost he could hear sirens in the background of her call which were the same sirens that were going past the store. Essentially, Ghost deduced that Angela was nearby and bought her a present to give himself an alibi to throw Angela off his scent.]

When Ghost gets a text he asks Angela if its ok to answer it, to which Angela approves and excuses herself to get an outfit to match her new shoes – but she really wanted to see who was texting Ghost. Turns out it was Ghost’s daughter who was texting him to remind him to come to her recital which makes Angela feel bad.

Julio pays a visit to a Mr. Proctor who owes $12,000. From behind the comfort of his Wall Street desk, Mr. Proctor explains to Julio that he doesn’t have his money and arrogantly breakdowns how nothing is going to happen to him because he’s a white lawyer and Julio is a Puerto Rican Cuban drug dealer and dismisses Julio from his office.

Tommy meets up with Tasha and tells her that Ghost has lost his mind because Ghost wants to kill Lobos. Tasha doesnt reveal that this was actually her plan and lets Tommy continue to ramble. During his rant, Tommy reveals that Ghost wants to go straight and leave the game, to which Tasha didn’t think consider.

Tasha confronts Ghost and reveals his plans to leave her and the kids. Ghost denies this claim and states that despite him cheating on her, he’s a good father and will always provide for his family.

Shawn is visiting Tasha attempting to play house. Tasha dismisses him because the kids are in the house. In walks Lakeisha which makes Shawn feel awkward. Moments later, Shawn leaves and Lakeisha calls Tasha out on having sex with Shawn – who she also had sex with – and warns Tasha that she better hope Ghost doesn’t find out. (Something tells me Ghost will find out.)

Kanan is waiting in the lobby of Tasha’s building. Shawn steps out of the elevator and Kanan ever the mastermind has figured out that Shawn is smashing Tasha. First Kanan wants to know how is Tasha considering that he’s had her on his mind since he went to prison. Then Kanan wants to know if Shawn has any info on Lobos. Shawn doesn’t have anything on Lobos but he does offer up info that Ghost is having a meeting at a hotel which Kanan deduces is Ghost’s meeting with Lobos.

Kanan visits Ruiz, despite not being invited. Kanan tells Ruiz that Ghost is meeting with Lobos which pisses him off because Ruiz wanted to meet Lobos. After all is discussed, Kanan suggests that they kill Ghost and Tommy.

Later, Kanan and Ruiz meet with the Serbs and tells the Serbs that it was Ghost set him up. Ruiz even tells the Serbs that he was a part of the team that did the hit. Kanan plans to bring all of the leaders to meet Lobos and overthrow Ghost and Tommy.

Ghost meets with Mr. Proctor and wants to retain him – probably to help him get back Truth. Ghost reveals a lot of personal information on Mr. Proctor and his wife and how he could be disbarred if he refuses to represent him. Well played Juilo.

Angela intercepts more text messages from Ghost and decides to meet up with Ghost for a noon-er at his hotel. [A Power episode isn’t complete without ONE sex scene.] Angela tells Ghost that she wants to runaway with him. Ghost agrees but it won’t be today.

Angela follows Ghost to the hotel where he’s supposed to meet Lobos. Ghost drags in a big suitcase to the hotel. Kanan is seen pulling up across the street. Finally, Tommy arrives. Angela calls Greg and tells him she believes Lobos is in the hotel and it’s about to go down. As a selling point she sends Greg a picture of Tommy headed inside the hotel with a duffle bag (of money, if you need me to spell it out). Greg and The Fedz raid the hotel. Yelling is heard, shots are fired and moments later Lobos is brought out in cuffs – followed by Tommy. Tommy spots Angela and goes ballistic on her and then the last body is wheeled out, dead on a stretcher. Angela pulls the sheet back to reveal…

Power Shot: Who’s Dead?

…Lobos’ assistant / blowjob-er is dead. [LOL! You thought Ghost died? There are two more episodes to go. You can’t kill Ghost just yet.] Angela is left wondering, just like the rest of us – WHAT HAPPENED TO GHOST?

Shawn confronts Kanan for Tommy getting arrested. Kanan explains in detail to Shawn that ‘Uncle’ Ghost was the reason he went to jail. Kanan being the devil that he is, explains to Shawn that Ghost is standing in the way of him and Tasha being together and appoints Shawn to kill ‘Uncle’ Ghost. And like a love sick puppy, Shawn agrees to kill Ghost.

At a bar, Angela, Greg and The Feds are celebrating their victory of taking down Lobos. While Angela is still wondering about the whereabouts of Ghost, Greg congratulates Angela for following her instincts however she has to reveal her sources. [Telling Greg that she illegally hacked into her boyfriend’s phone isn’t going to cut it.]

Finally, after hours of being MIA, Ghost sends Angela:

"Had to get a new phone. This is my new number. Lock it in"

With two more episodes to go, what’s going to happen next?

Where was Ghost? And what or WHO was in Ghost’s suitcase? (Watch that scene closely!)

Did Ghost set up Tommy for the fall?

Does Ghost figure out that his phone was hacked?

Will Shawn tell Kanan how Tasha is in bed?

So many questions with just TWO episodes left.

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