[Am I the only one who doesn’t like the theme song, Big Rich Town? The lyrics seem very remedial for a rapper of 50 ‘s calibre. "…I’m an undercover liar, I lie under the covers…” And with that said…

In this episode of Power, Tommy’s paranoia saves the day, Ghost throws Angela off his scent and Lobos arrives in New York. If you missed last week’s recap, click here before reading below]

Tasha has a meeting with Jamie to make sure that he is properly smashing Angela to keep Angela unfocused. Meanwhile, Tommy has managed to free himself from being handcuffed to the bed and in the process has lost his mind. Just as Tommy is about to evacuate his house, Ghost drops by. Ghost asks Tommy about Holly to which Tommy tells him that they broke up. Ghost tells Tommy he will meet with Dre and for Tommy to get some rest. After Ghost leaves, Tommy calls a meeting with Julio and the Boyz unbeknownst to Ghost.

Angela is in court attempting to get an arrest warrant for Tommy Eghan however she gets denied because she doesn’t have enough evidence to proof that Tommy is Ghost. Angela realizes the only way to make this work is to find Holly, who has vanished without a trace.

Ghost meets Dre for the first time and expresses that he needs their money sooner than later. Ghost also inquires to how Dre met Kanan. From the car, Shawn is watching the conversation between Dre and Ghost when Tasha calls. Shaen tells Tasha that Angela has been in their car. Tasha wants Shawn to bring the car to her ASAP. Shawn abruptly hangs up on Tasha as Ghost approaches the car.

High off coke, Tommy is paranoid at the laundromat and wants to move the drug money. Greg is watching from a distance and sees Julio and The Boyz putting the money in a cargo van. Moments after thr van drives off, the police stop the van and detain everyone but the police find nothing but dirty laundry because Tommy had the money moved by the Asian laundromat workers. Slick.

Kantos apologizes for telling James about Stern’s divorce. James notices that Kantos has a thing for his employee Dominique. Ghost arranges for Dominique to take Kantos out of the office so he look at the books for Truth.

Tasha wants to get a divorce from James but realizes that she will leave with nothing because of a prenuptial agreement she signed when she was 20.

Power Move Of The Show: Tommy + Two Redheads!

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Angela confronts Ghost in his hotel room. Angela believes Tommy killed Holly because the Feds can’t find any traces of Holly. Ghost tells Angela that Tommy didn’t do any of the killings but Angela doesn’t believe him. Angela gives Ghost an ultimatum. Tell her the truth or she walks. She walks. Before Angela can get on the elevator Ghost tells Angela how to find Holly.

Ghost is shocked when he learns that Tommy had the money moved from the laundromat. However Julio lets Ghost know it was a good decision. Paranoid and frustrated, Tommy tells Ghost that Angela is coming after them. Ghost realizes that Tommy is going to kill Angela and runs to Tasha for advice. Ghost explains to Tasha that killing Angela is the worst thing they can do and he needs Tasha to get him under control in order for his plan to work.

Thanks to the info that Ghost gave her, Angela finds Holly’s whereabouts. As Angela departs to get Holly, Tommy waiting outside to kill her. Just as he’s about to move in Tasha stops him from killing Angela.

Ghost confronts Stern’s wife at her residence. He tells her that Simon has been hiding his assets. She doesnt trust Ghost but will look into the information she was given. As Ghost is exiting the building, he sees Shawn quick to hang up on his current call, which is usually with Tasha. Ghost demands the phone from Shawn and checks his recent call logs to which there is nothing. Ghost wants to know where Kanan is and demands that Shawn bring him to him or he’s fired aka he won’t be seeing Tasha anymore.

Tasha and Tommy go out drinking…Tasha introduces Tommy to two red head girls and…and a threesome jumps off. It’s here that I have to wonder, HOW DO YOU DO THEY FILM THESE SCENES?

Angela approaches Holly at her motel room in Scranton, PA. After all pleasantries are exchanged, Holly tells Angela that Tommy tried to kill her and James helped her escape. Holly also denied that James is Ghost and that she’s done with Tommy. Angela leaves and Holly takes Ghost off mute telling him that Angela bought into her story. Ghost is pleased and wires more money to Holly.

Shawn goes looking for Kanan. He meets up with Dre and they claim not to know where he is. Shawn tells Dre to tell Kanan that Lobos is coming into town which prompts Dre to call Kanan. Dre phones Kanan and tells him that the news he’s been waiting for has been delivered.

Stern’s wife visits James at Truth. The information that James gave her panned out and will help her in her divorce case. She ask James for solid proof and James asks for his nightclub back in return.

Lobos arrives in New York. Lobos has an informant which told him things aren’t safe yet.

Angela visits Ghost and she appears back on the bandwagon. She confides to James that she’s looking for Ghost so that she can go after Lobos. After being rocked to sleep, Angela wakes up and steals James’ phone. With the help of a mysterious new character, she makes a clone of James’ phone which will allow her to see everything that James’ is doing om his phone. Unbeknownst to Angela, her mysterious helper made a clone for themselves too.

Three more episodes to go!