In this week’s episode of Power, Angela and Holly break up with Ghost and Tommy while Shawn and Tasha explore the back of the Cadillac.

Since the crazy ending of episode 5, the tables have turned and now Holly is asking Angela all the questions. Holly realizes that Angela is trying to save Ghost and herself. Holly standing by her man tells Angela that she saw Ghost give Tommy a gun with a silencer nozzle. Angela tells Holly to find the gun to get Tommy out of trouble.

Ghost amd Tommy meet with the Serbs and Ghost isn’t happy with the display of Power they’ve shown thus far. Watching your new employee chop up a former employee with a chainsaw makes that kind of impression on a person.

The Feds find out Lobos is on the move which means there will be a meeting with Ghost. The Feds want to set a trap and Angela isn’t too happy about the news.

After being missing for a few hours, Holly doesn’t tell Tommy she’s been detained by the Feds. Holly rocks Tommy to sleep and starts fanatically looking for the gun she told Angela about.

A big meeting takes place with everyone that Ghost is supplying. The attendees question why Kanaan and Dre aren’t in attendance. Ghost dismisses it and tells them all to focus on selling more drugs and not cross into each other’s territories.

Greg discovers that Angela and Holly are meeting in private. Holly gives Angela the gun she found in Tommy’s trunk. Angela says it’s not the gun that shot Rolla.

Tasha and Shawn meet up in the building’s underground garage. Shawn tells Tasha he’s there for her and the kids. Tasha takes Shawn to a shooting range and teaches Shawn how to shoot while exchanging touches.

Holly walks in on Tommy’s and Ghost’s dinner. Neither is happy about the other being there. When Tommy leaves to get a bottle of wine, Ghost threatens Holly and demands she leave immediately.

Power Move: Shawn Smashes Tasha In The Back Of The ‘Lac….

Dre meets with Luiz to thank him for shooting the guy who shot his man. Luiz also lets it be known that Kanan and Dre weren’t invited to the big meeting. Luiz makes it clear that he has Dre’s back but not Kanan.

Holly caves to Ghost’s demands and picks up her money and train ticket in return for leaving Tommy. Ghost drops Holly off at the train station. While at the station, Holly stares at the ring Tommy gave her and has second thoughts.

Angela stands Jamie up for a second time. Over the phone, Angela proposes that she and Ghost take a break. Later, Ghost finds out from Kantos that Stern is getting a divorce and has been busy hiding his assets. Shortly afterwards, Ghost gets into a car accident and is arrested on a DUI but released when his alcohol level is lower than the legal limit. In the middle of the night, Tasha comes to get Ghost from holding and in walks Angela also there to see about Jamie. Awkward.

Tasha drives Ghost to his house and Ghost tells Tasha why he picked Angela over her. [Note to self, telling your wife that you left her and the kids for the high school that got away, is not something you should say out loud.]

Ghost flips the script and tells Tasha that Angela is a Fed that has been investigating Tommy which freaks Tasha out. Ghost tells Tasha that he took Angela to Miami to “observe” her. Tasha runs down how this will negatively effect their businesses and get them all locked up. When Ghost says that he doesn’t know his next move, Tasha tells him his next move, “keep fucking that bitch until I tell you to stop.”


After dropping Ghost off, Tasha fed up with Ghost has sex with Shawn in in the back of the Cadillac. Nuff said.

Angela runs up in Ghost’s spot and demands to know where Holly is. Ghost tells Angela that Tommy and Holly had a fight and he gave Holly money to help Holly get out of town. Following Tasha’s orders, Ghost has sex with Angela.

Holly leaves the train station and pays Tommy a visit. Tommy senses that Holly is distracted and she brushes it aside. During foreplay, Holly cuffs Tommy to the bed and tells Tommy she has been detained by the Feds. Tommy flips! Holly name drops Angela and tells Tommy that she’s going to rat out Ghost to save Tommy. Holly tells Tommy to choose either Ghost or her. Holly leaves Tommy chained to the bed with Tommy screaming hysterically.