[In this episode, Holly get questioned by the feds and Angela finds out she’s been seeing Ghost all this time.]

Holly is being questioned by Greg. Holly has a long rap sheet dating back to when she was 13. The feds want to cut Holly a deal but she’s not budging. The feds threaten to call Ohio if Holly doesn’t cooperate and call Tommy – on speaker phone. She makes the call but is saved when Tommy doesn’t pick up the phone.

Jamie is upset that Simon took credit for packing the Vibe party. Simon doesn’t apologize for taking credit and invites Jamie to attend a private party.

Greg meets Jamie to investigate Tommy. Jamie classifies Tommy as a silent partner.

Angela wants to interrogate Holly but the Feds don’t trust her. Angela finds out that Holly’s arrest warrant has been voided and she’s a free woman. Angela also figures out that Holly is the waitress that was shot at Truth nightclub.

Power Move: Holly Tells Angela Who Ghost Is…CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

Lobos is about to flee America sooner than later and he wants all of his money ASAP. Ghost has to gain more terrority so he orders Luiz to kill the Serbs to expand thier terriority. Luiz will do it only if he can meet Lobos.

Tommy is upset that Ghost put a hit on The Serbs. Tommy suggests that instead of killing the Serbs, they cut off all of his drug pipeline forcing thr Serbs to buy from them. Ghost agrees.

Jamie meets with Stern at his private party while Tommy hits the Serbs warehouse. Jamie finds out the private party is a sex party with every kind of sex going on. Jamie turns the sex down remaining faithful to Angela.

After getting grilled by the Feds, Holly wants to go to the bathroom. She’s panicking because she thinks the Feds can send her back to Ohio. Angela meets Holly in the bathroom and attempts to persuade Holly to implicate Tommy as Ghost. Holly tells Angela that Tommy isn’t Ghost. Holly recognizes that Angela is the same girl that Jamie was screwing in the nightclub, then she tells Angela that Jamie is Ghost. Holly tells Angela to make everything go away or else she’s telling that Angela has been sleeping with Ghost this whole time and protecting him.

Jamie meets Angela at her home to apologize to her. As they walk in the rain, Angela says to Ghost, “so baby how’s work?”, mirroring what Jamie said to Angela the night he found out she was a Fed.

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