In this episode we Ghost gets kicked out the house, Shawn gets lucky two times and we find out why Kanan has it in for Ghost.

After Kanan hooks up with Sean’s mom, while Shawn is in the next room watching basketball. She gives Kanan his stash of cash that she’s been holding for 10 years. For being loyal, Kanan rewards her with a few stacks.

On the other side of town, Ghost informs Tasha that the Pink Sneaker Assassin is dead, however he’s perplexed that someone else did it. Ghost also knows that Rolla didn’t hire her.

Tasha treats Sean cold. Sean assures Tasha that nothing happened between him and Takeisha.

Ghost reports to Tommy and Kanan about The Pink Sneaker Assassin, while they report to Ghost that they killed Q-Dubs. Ghost doesn’t tell them that someone else killed The Pink Sneaker Assassin.

Shawn hooks up with Lakeisha and all we can say is Ooh La La! It was a nice mellow scene. The next day, Lakeisha tells Tasha she bagged Shawn. Tasha seems irritated and claims that her and Jamie are good.

Kanan introduces Dre to Tommy. One of the members in Dre’s crew, Brock, is disrespecting Tommy and Kanan isn’t feeling it.

Angie ID’s Tommy’s car at the Q Dub shooting. “Gotcha Ghost!”

Tasha searches Jamie’s clothes and finds receipt for the hotel where Jamie and Angie stayed. She calls up pretending she lost her nightgown. They didn’t find a nightgown but they did ask her how her massage was. GHOST-BUSTED!

Tasha locks Jamie out of the house. Jamie can’t figure out how Tasha found out he took Angela to Miami and roughs up Shawn a little.

Ghost informs Tommy that he’s been kicked out the house. LOL! Tommy wants to give Kanan’s crew the RSK territory because they can’t move the drugs for Lobos fast enough.

Power Move: Kanan Moves In On Tasha

Tasha realizes that Shawn knew Ghost took Angela to Miami. Shawn says he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want Tasha’s feelings to be hurt. Tasha goes on a long winded rant about trust. Shawn seizing the opportunity to be trustworthy tells Tasha he bagged Lakeisha – but it didn’t mean anything and Tasha gives him a little reward.

Angela gets put back on the Task Force to go after Lobos because she was able to pin Tommy as Ghost.

Jamie tells Angela that he and Tasha split up. Angela realizes that Jamie lied to Tasha about them and wants to know why Jamie needs to be with Tasha. Um, probably because Tasha is his wife.

Ghost gives Kanan the RSK territory. During the meeting two things happen, Kanan figures out that Ghost and Tasha broke up and Ghost figures out that Kanan might be behind the hits. Jamie seeks out Tasha and says, “I think it’s revenge…I think Kanan knows we sent him to jail.” Tasha believes Jamie is just using the threat of Kanan as a way to get back in the house and storms off.

Ghost meets up with Holly offers her money to leave Tommy. Holly refuses but Ghost gives her some more time to think about it. Holly leaves only to be detained by Greg. Holly refuses to go with Greg until he mentions Ohio.

Tasha gets a call that Kanan is on his way up to the apartment. Kanan comes bearing gifts for the kids and Tasha because he heard Tasha and Ghost was in a “rough spot.” He tells Tasha that he used to think about her while he was inside. After the elevator door closes we see that Tasha is a big girl.

Kanan drives Dre to a secluded spot. He opens the trunk and we see that Brock is tied up and physically speechless because his tongue is in his hand. Can we just say that Kanan is a beast. Kanan gives Dre a gun and orders him to kill his voiceless childhood. Dre compiles and Kanan walks away – smiling.