Kanan is eager to get back to work and wants to know how Ghost and Tommy are running things. Tommy is such a Kanan-Stan. He holds Kanan up in high regards, even bringing him to one of the laundromats that they use to clean their money. At one point Tommy tells Kanan how Ghost stole most of his ideas from Kanan. Tommy brags to Kanan about Ghost being in Miami to kill The Pink High Top Assassin. Kanan excuses himself and secretly calls up Dre to run out to Miami to get to The Pink High Top Assassin first.

When Angela and Ghost arrive in Miami, Ghost handles some of Simon Stern’s dirty work forcing club owners to sign over 15% of their clubs to him. While sending Angela to get some food, Ghost locates The Pink High Top Assassin, who we will now call Mariela ’cause that’s what her daddy named her. Mariela is living in Miami with her father who wants her to get married and have babies – in that order.

With Ghost out of town, Kanan is driving Ghost’s car, allowing Shawn to stretch out in the passenger seat. Kanan wants to know how Shawn feels about Tasha. Shawn denies liking Tasha.

Ghost and Angela start fantasizing about moving to Miami. Ghost has it all figured out – even down to transferring his kids to one of the best school in Miami – like Tasha’s going to let that happen. Greg interrupts the date my calling up Angela and blacking out on her for hacking into the FBI computer database – using his password. Ghost suspects something is going on between her and Greg but Angela assures him that it’s just work related.

Lakeisha and Tasha dish about Ghost cheating on her. Shawn walks in and Lakeisha starts to flirt with him. Tasha seems disturbed that Shawn wasn’t paying her any mind.

Angela has a hunch that Tommy is “Ghost” and believes that Jamie is innocent. However before she can turn in Tommy she has to find out if she can lock up Tommy and spare Jamie.

Tasha, feeling less desirable, asks Shawn to help her put groceries away. She tells Shawn that she enjoys his company. Shawn, being a little smarter today, puts Tasha in the “Big Sister” zone, which is worse than the Friend Zone.

While Jamie is on the hunt for Mariela aka The Pink High Top Sneaker Assassin, he orders a deep tissue massage for Angela aka Mrs. St. Patrick – to keep her ‘occupied.’ I have a feeling this will come back to bite him in the ass later. Dre, Kanan’s goon, is tailing Ghost to kill Mariela first before she can talk.

Tommy takes Kanan with him to talk to Nomar’s little brother Q-Dub’s about working for them. Q-Dub’s gets smart with Kanan. Kanan reminds Q-Dub that Q-Dub’s territory was originally, his territory. A lot of big talk comes out of Q-Dub’s mouth and BOOM, Kanan kills Q-Dub and Tommy kills everyone else in the room.

In between making love, Angela wants to know what Jamie’s relationship is to Tommy. She finally reveals that she’s an Assistant United States Attorney and she’s investigating Tommy. Jamie pretends that he doesn’t know anything about Tommy’s history and fakes like he’s upset that Angela didn’t tell him she was a cop. Angela buys into it wholeheartedly. The real shocker is when she ask Jamie if he’s ever heard anyone call Tommy, Ghost. Angela offers to help Jamie save Truth and his chain of laundromats in exchange for his testimony against Tommy.

While eating dinner with Angela, Jamie spots Mariela aka The Pink High Top Sneaker Assassin. And the chase scene begins, ending with Mariela getting stabbed to death by Dre. Before Mariela bleeds out, she tells him that Rolla didn’t hire her.

Lakeisha and Shawn flirt in front of Tasha. Tasha drops a glass on purpose to break it up. It backfires causing Shawn to give Lakeisha a ride home from Shawn. While parked in from of Lakeisha’s house, Shawn and Lakeisha start talking and of course Tasha calls Shawn. Lakeisha cancels the phone call and goes in for the kiss.

Angela and Jamie come back to NYC and go their separate ways.

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