In the second episode of Power season 2, Ghost investigates Angela, goes from boss to worker bee and gets a visit from Kanan.

We open with Angela and Ghost waking up together. Angela goes for a run but it’s really an opportunity to run into her ex-boyfriend, Greg. Unbeknownst to Angela, Ghost is following her. Using his spidey-sense, Ghost immediately recognizes that Greg is an FBI agent because of his sweatshirt. I’ll let you tell it.

Simon Stern meets with Ghost/James and offers to purchase Truth. James would still get to be the manager, but he would be a minon. However, if James can get the club to run at a 20% profit, Simon will make an offer to sell Truth back to James.

Kanan visits Ghost and Tasha and tells them he got out a year ealry on “good behavior.” The best line of the visit is when Kanan says, “Damn, ya’ll living like George and Weezy!” which is a reference to the 70’s sitcom, The Jefferson’s. What makes this line relevant is that The Jefferson’s owned a chain of Dry Cleaners, where as Ghost owns a chain of laundromats. [Good writing @CKAgbohOfficial]

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Kanan offers to help Ghost find The Pink High Top Assassin, but Ghost tells Kanan that he’s already on it, which makes Kanan uneasy. Tommy is excited that Kanan is out and wants to talk business but Ghost is reluctant to talk in front of Kanan.

Kanan visits The Pink High Top Assassin‘s boss to get an update on her whereabouts. Her boss has no answers, so Kanan kills him. [It’s in this scene that you can see Kanan is going to be a problem in this arc of the series.]

The other big dilemma is that Lobos has given Ghost and ’em twice the amount of product, and they can’t move it.

Shawn tries to talk to Tasha, but Tasha tells him that all the playing with herself in the backseat and peek-a-boo nude showers were “misunderstandings.” Shawn seems brokenhearted.

Simon Stern decides to send Ghost to Miami to take care of some work for him and almost in the same breath demotes Ghost – again. Ghost’s new boss is Santos. Not batting an eye, Ghost uses this as an opportunity to take Angela to Miami. Angela tells her she can’t go.

Angela has Isabel help her finish the sketch and she has it run thru the FBI database. The results come back with Tommy Eghan’s name on the list. Angela continues to hack into the Lobos case files while Ghost is at Angela’s house looking to find out what she knows.

Ghost gets a text. They’ve found The Pink High Top Assassin and she just so happens to be in Miami. Small world. Ghost tells Tasha that he’s going to Miami on business, he’s not going to see Angela and he’s going to take care of The Pink High Top Assassin and as a bonus, Ghost makes love to his wife.

Before boarding a private jet to Miami, Ghost asks Shawn if he knew Kanan was getting out of jail early. Shawn denies knowing anything. Right board the plane takes off, Angela boards the plane. Miami here we come!