The second season finale episode of Power is here. This episode wraps up every story line with a bow and takes us right into a crazier season three. After two solid seasons, all conversations and comparisons to Empire should cease. The writing on Power is better than Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder.

A mysterious hit-man who kills Drifty, one of Ghost’s distributors. The killer leaves a playing card of “La Arana” on his back.

Angela is having mixed emotions about Jamie, as she packs all the gifts that she’s received from him. Also, the Fedz have fired Angela.

Jamie’s lawyer Porter suggests that Jamie should cut ties with everyone he knows.

Tasha and Tommy discuss the pivotal moment when Tommy won his case and released from jail. Tommy gives Tasha hope that the romance is over between Jamie and Angela.

Dre questions how Kanan killed his only son Shawn and is immediately checked by Kanan.

Jamie tells Tommy that Shawn attempted to kill him under Kanan’s orders and explains that Kanan was behind the Pink Sneaker Assassin. Tommy is blamed by Jamie for being gullible and showing Kanan the new business.

Greg is questioned about his relationship with Angela. Mike concludes that Greg is a jealous ex-boyfriend who would do anything to throw Jamie under the bus. Angela filed complaint against Greg and the Fedz suspend him.

The accounting ledgers from Truth are stolen. Stern reveals that Jamie has no way to prove he reached the 20% profit margin to get his ownership in Truth back.

Tommy tells Kanan that he believes Ghost set him up. Kanan tells Tommy that Ghost and Tasha set him up too. Kanan also reveals to Tommy that Jamie didn’t kill the Pink Sneaker Assassin.

SIDENOTE: Jamie told Tommy he killed the Pink Sneaker Assassin but it was Dre.

Tasha drops by Jamie’s hotel looking very seductive. Tasha wants to know if it’s over between him and Angela. Ghost wants to know of it’s over between her and Shawn.

Mike and The Fedz are attempting to make a deal with Lobos. Mike shows him pictures of The Serbs and Drifty. They convince Lobo that he will be next.

Tommy questions Ghost about killing The Pink Sneaker Assassin. Ghost asks why Tommy didn’t tell him Holly talked to the Fedz.

Power Move

Stern’s wife reveals that Stern has been embezzling money and keeping two sets of ledgers. Stern loses his divorce case. Stern’s wife gives Jamie back ownership of Truth.

Holly returns and tells Tommy Jamie sent her away. Holly shows Tommy the fake ID and a bag of money Jamie gave her to disappear.

Did you read our exclusive with Holly?

Dre meets with Jamie. Dre tells Jamie that Kanan killed Shawn and wants to work with Ghost.

Jamie tells Ruiz to leave town with his family.

Lobos gets stabbed in jail.

Angela is in court for approaching a minor. Isabella Ruiz doesn’t show up to court. Case dismissed.

Kanan goes looking for Tommy but finds Jamie. Jamie stabs, marinates Kanan with gasoline and sets him on fire.

Jamie confesses to Tommy that he killed Drifty, Lobos, The Serbs and sent away Ruiz. Tommy confronts Jamie about Holly. Jamie and Tommy dissolve their friendship.

Angela confronts Jamie. Jamie tells Angela that Ghost is dead and he is still in lover with her.

Tasha identifies Shawn’s body and assumes Jamie killed Shawn.

SIDENOTE: [Wouldn't they call Shawn's mother first?]

Greg stalks Angela in her building and promises to bring down Jamie aka Ghost.

Tasha calls Tommy but Tommy doesn’t answer.

Power Reveal

It’s revealed that Mike of the Fedz is the informant. Mike gives Lobos a phone and Lobos calls Tommy.

Lobos wants to make Tommy his new distributor. In return, Tommy has to kill Jamie, otherwise Lobos will kill Ghost, Tommy, Holly AND the dog.

Kanan is not dead.

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