In the first episode of the second season premiere of Power, Tommy is on the run, Ghost is whipped and 50’s Kanan’s out of jail.

When Starz said ‘Power Season 2 picks up seconds after where Season 1 left off’ they weren’t kidding. The episode starts off with The Pink Sneaker High Top Assassin running out of the club. PHTA calls her boss and informs him that she failed to kill Ghost.

After killing Nomar, Angela’s CI and discovering Angela is a Fed, Tommy breaks into Angela apartment. He notices there is luggage in the living room, indicating that Ghost and Angela are going on a trip. Out of fear, Tommy goes on the run.

While driving his father Kanan home from prison, Shawn gets a phone call from Tasha indicating that there was a shooting at Truth. Kanan is visibly happy about the news until he overhears that that Ghost didn’t get shot. If Ghost was a rapper, he would probably say something along the lines of “go on and get your refund motherfucker, I ain’t dead.”

Kanan goes looking for the The Pink Sneaker High Top Assassin but all he finds are her signature sneakers. Then Kanan pays a visit to The Pink High Top Assassin’s boss and beats him within an inch of his life. [The beating is on the same level as the scene in Daredevil when the Kingpin beats the guy up with the car door.]

Without Tommy around, Ghost confides to Tasha about his troubles. Tasha comes up with an excellent strategy to expand their empire. [No pun intended.] Tasha also lets Ghost know that she knows he’s cheating on her with Angela and he has to end it. Ghost says he’ll handle it. Cut to the next scene where he’s banging Angela and they’re fantasizing about about moving in together. Focus Ghost, focus.

Power: Where The Hell Is Tommy?

Power - Tommy Egan

Kanan visits Dre, a former inmate that he saved while doing his bid. Dre has been building up a goon squad to take over once Kanan got out of prison, however, since Ghost didn’t get die, Kanan has to change up the plans.

We find out that Tommy is in hiding at his mother’s house because he feels he can’t trust Ghost. Tommy is still looking for Holly in between snorting lines with his “redheaded” mother.

Because of her lack of attention to the case, and her CI getting killed, Angela has been removed from the Lobos case. All Angela has to work with is a partial sketch of who she thinks is Ghost but we really know is Tommy. Angela steals Nomar’s cell phone from Greg’s office and gets in touch with Isabel. Angela believes Isabel has seen Ghost and needs her help.

James finds out that Simon Stern purchased the building that Truth is in and agrees to work under Simon Stern. Simon tells James, “come work for me, and I’ll make you the man you’ve always wanted to be.” Ouch.

Ghost goes to Tommy’s mother’s house and finds Tommy there – with gun in hand. Tommy believes that Ghost is trying to set him up so that if things went bad Tommy would take the fall. Tommy reveals to Ghost that Angela is a Fed, to which Ghost is caught completely off guard. Tommy believes that Angela knows more than she’s letting on. Ghost finally tells Tommy that Holly’s been shot and Tommy loses his mind.

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Finally, James visits Angela in the middle night and wants to know “how was work.”