Tommy and Ghost scramble to find out who is stalking and robbing their street distributors before their operation bleeds too much money and they piss off their supplier, the bat crazy, Mexican kingpin, Lobos. Ghost and Tommy have no idea who is robbing their business, but they discover one of their operatives wears pink high top sneakers.

In the meantime, Truth, gets to host the party of high profile client, Vogue magazine. Ghost works hard to re-ignite his past romance with Angela, who seems torn between him and her clingy workplace bae Greg. (Could it be that both men favor a certain sexual position? Just askin.) The neglected Tasha continues to get her attention fix by playing head games with Ghost’s young driver, Sean. After her one woman show in the back seat (see Episode 1), Sean’s nose remains wide open.

Ghost and Angelita share a tender moment at the Natural History Museum. Meanwhile, Tasha proves again how valuable she is to Ghost’s secret business. Tommy tells Ghost the female soldier who survived one of the robberies is a liability and should be taken out. Ghost points out that despite being in fear for her life, the young woman called a team member rather than 911, because the latter would have brought suspicion on the team. Once again, Ghost decides not to kill a chick. Instead, they do Tasha’s suggestion which is to chop up the surviving partner of the pink high top sneakers and send them to key players in local drug scene. Well played Tasha.

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