Actually, this episode should be titled, Not Exactly What This Looks Like.

In the first episode, we meet James St. Patrick aka “Ghost”, a cool, reserved, brotha who speaks Spanish, dresses in tailored suits, dotes on his family, and owns Truth, a brand new NYC night club, which is packed to the roof on opening night.

Oh, and yeah Ghost can calmly take off his silk tie, put on some rubber gloves and shoot a thief in the head for stealing his product. Ghost has apparently been hustling with his partner, Tommy since their youth. The two are inseparable except on two issues: going legit and killing women. Tommy likes the money of the game and will do anything to preserve what he has accepted as his destiny in life. Ghost has a soft spot for the ladies and merely sees the drug money as a means to finance his real dream of becoming a high profile legitimate business man.

Ghost’s sexy, bodacious wife, Tasha, enjoys being married to a drug dealer and she knows how to play her position well. When Ghost calls her and says he has “left something in the oven”– the wife-beater t-shirt stained with the brains and blood of the unfortunate dealer– home girl simply just knows where to find AND how to get rid of the incriminating evidence. The couple have no secrets in this area, but she does wonder where her husband learned to speak Spanish.

One night in the club, Ghosts spots his childhood sweetheart, Angela. Bordering on thirsty, Ghost is eager to take a ride down memory lane with her but Angela remains guarded, despite their immediate chemistry. Ghost doesn’t tell her he is married or has another, considerably less legal life. And Angela doesn’t mention her semi-stalker boyfriend. Angela does tells Ghost that she is a lawyer, but she leaves out that she works as an Assistant for US States Attorney. In fact, we find out our lil’ mamacita is on a task force gearing to take down Lobos, one of Ghost’s drug suppliers and she also doesn’t know, that the person she needs to do this is Ghost.