“Power” season five is here with major storyline questions surrounding the unexpected death of Raina St. Patrick. In celebration of the Starz series’ knack for killing off key characters at any given moment, SOHH has resurrected some of your most favorite (and hated) “Power” stars to relive their final scenes.

Today, Lucy Walters a.k.a. Holly dishes on her epic three-season run, her character’s close-knit Tommy bond and continuing to haunt the series.

I had no idea. Look, we all know what that world is and that nobody is safe. So I have sort of always have known that I’ve been on borrowed time since season one. I found out after the fact that the original plan was that Holly died at the end of season one.

I think when they had mapped it out, that was supposed to be her death. So I always felt very lucky that they kept me around and gave me more interesting stuff to do after that. So in some ways, it was something that of course, I lived and in some way, I was aware it would happen but when it came, it shocked me at what a shock it was.

So Courtney [Kemp], the showrunner, pulled me aside the table read before. So I basically had one episode to process that. When she called me into her office, a part of me knew. Courtney’s a busy woman. As much as I love her and like to think she likes me, she’s probably not in the middle of the season going to invite me in for a chat unless there was something big. So on some level, obviously my brain knew, ‘Oh sh*t. This is it.’ But it was shocking to me. It still shocked me because I was like, ‘Wait, no.’ Then she even mentioned how it was going to happen. She said it was going to be by Tommy but I didn’t understand to the extent. So she told me to keep it a secret and I said, ‘Okay,’ and I had one episode to grapple with it.

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Of course when the episode came (Season 3, Episode 5) and I saw how it all went down, not just me but the unborn baby, I was just like, ‘Oh! You’re killing me!’

It’s so funny because now I look at the show from a fan’s perspective so I understand it. It was some meaty stuff to get to do. So the actor part of me, I feel like I look and process this stuff through different brains. So the actor brain was kind of like, ‘If she’s going to go down, this is a pretty big way to go down.’ Courtney did that storyline justice. It was meaty and fun to get to do as sad as it was.

I feel like we got to go out in a blaze in a good scene. In the club [in season one] it was just getting shot. It felt like there were some Othello moments in there where you love someone so much you have to kill them. I feel like her world is such high stakes. So I was really invested in the love which has been there all along and fighting for your life and not just fighting for your life but for the life of this unborn kid. She’s fighting for the relationship. That’s how she gets into this situation.

I think I’ve had some capricious relationships and sometimes it’s an interesting way to understand. Sometimes when you’re living it you don’t see it but when you’re acting, you can understand how these relationships can tragically end.

It’s so intense because not only is it intense for Holly but it was intense for me the actor because I really, through the course of this, grew to love my “Power” family so much. I grew up as a person and as an actor with these people so I felt so much love for that crew and clearly for Joe, who plays Tommy, so it was a really intense day and for me, those two feelings are so inflated. I think of that whole day.

It was late at night so you’re in a different state when you’re working that long a day and your nerves are shot. You’re kind of raw. It was feeling all of the things Holly was feeling but then also wrestling with all of other things. I was just feeling really raw and really sad. I love what I do and it was a thrill to get into a juicy scene but I was very aware it was bliss because we shot that as the last day for me.

It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, we got to do this other scene tomorrow.’ Nope. This was it. It was quite sad. I remember shocking myself because you think you’re prepared but I definitely was not prepared for how much it hit me. I truly, truly love that family, that show and that character.

I love seeing the show go on and seeing that character still haunts the series.

“Power” season five premieres Sunday, July 1 on Starz.