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“Power” season five is less than a week away with major storyline questions surrounding the unexpected death of Raina St. Patrick. In celebration of the Starz series’ knack for killing off key characters at any given moment, SOHH has resurrected some of your most favorite (and hated) “Power” stars to relive their final scenes.

Today, David Fumero a.k.a. FBI agent Mike Sandoval reflects on running the table, dodging bullets and going out in an unforgettable bloody mess.

I had a feeling about Mike’s fate. With everything going on and bullets flying, I knew, ‘This guy’s going to get it.’

I think I knew early in the season. I asked Courtney [Kemp], ‘When am I going to get it? Just give me an approximate episode,’ and she gave me an approximate episode which ended up being the exact episode.

I had a good five or six episodes [before my character’s death]. Courtney officially told me a week before my death scene but I kind of started asking. As soon as I started seeing it in the script, I started playing with words, ‘So, who’s going to get it? I’m just wondering when Mike’s gonna get it.’

Then one day I was like, ‘Just give me an approximate episode,’ during a table read. She kind of threw it out real quick and walked away.’ I was like, ‘All right. Cool.’

It was cool to dodge bullets. It was good to read it and watch it later. Most of the fans wanted my head off. That kind of creates a little bit more excitement or anxiety when it doesn’t happen.

You kind of play it one episode at a time. You just wait for it. Exactly. You waited for the episode. Read it. Then it’s, ‘Okay, I’m getting my neck sliced. Cool.’ That’s the way you should go. Slow. Mike’s caused a lot of pain. I think it was a legitimate, he-had-it-coming kind of death.

I kind of saw him going and if he didn’t go, it would have been shortly after that season. No way he would have gotten away with it. I actually saw him taking his own life because he dug himself into such a hole that I actually saw him killing himself.

He knows he’s going to jail. He knows he’s going to suffer because he’s a cop. I kind of saw him taking his own life but I guess he continued.

I think my death scene was my last day on the show. I think, if I remember correctly, that was my last scene on-set. Period. That was my final moment. Very bloody and a mess. I was drenched in blood after that. You didn’t have to do anything but act like you had your throat slit and sit in blood for a little while until the scene was done.

It was great. I had never done anything like that before.

“Power” season five premieres Sunday, July 1 on Starz.

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