[With the world still recovering from the explosive “Power” season two finale, cast member Lucy Walters (“Holly”) unzips the truth behind all those graphic sex scenes.]

It’s definitely funny because the [sex scenes] do look real. I think that’s a credit to our incredible camera department. We’re very, very lucky to have such an incredible team.

I think it’s not only because we’re great at our jobs but the production team makes us feel comfortable because it is a scary thing that we’re doing.

The guys have to wear this sack over their privates. It has a name but it’s basically a sack tied to that and the girls are basically wearing a nude thong that’s just right over your pubic zone and it goes and tapes to, basically the crack.

It’s a crazy thing. I think the first time I did that, it was very odd.

I was like, “How are we going to make this through,” and I’m such a professional and a part of me was like, “I need a break!”

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