The “Power” fans should have pretty high expectations for this Sunday’s episode. Director Gary Lennon has hyped diehards about what’s to come in 96 hours.

Lennon went to Twitter this week to confirm he’s directing the next must-see broadcast and even paid some homage to late character Kanan Stark.

This week, “Power” dropped an intense preview for Sunday’s episode.

When Angela’s Jimenez arrest gives her a solid win, she discovers plans that would undercut her career. Ghost tasks Tommy in killing a snitch. Tariq accepts the consequences of his choices. Watch Power on the STARZ App.

A few hours ago, “Power” star Joseph “Tommy” Sikora hyped up what’s to come.

This week, “Power” creator Courtney Kemp addressed killing off 50 Cent‘s Kanan Stark character in last Sunday’s broadcast.

“It’s a lot of work to be a series regular on a series like this. So, part of it was actually just expanding his career and his horizons in television and in film but also providing the audience with the first clues about the end of the series. This show was not designed to go 10 seasons. It was not designed to go 15 seasons. It’s not a crime procedural or a sitcom. It’s a closed-ended story that really begins and, in some way, ends with Ghost.” (Deadline)

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