The “Power” team has delivered some major news following Sunday night’s explosive season five finale. The show announced plans to give fans a sneak peek at what’s to come in 2019.

On Sunday, the “Power” social media pages revealed exclusive content from season six will soon premiere on its Starz app.

A few hours ago, “Power” executive producer 50 Cent urged fans to let him know what they thought of Sunday’s finale.

This week, “Power” announced fans could look forward to hip-hop veteran MC Lyte pulling through for the finale.

A few days ago, “Power” released an emotional 73-second scene between Omari Hardwick and actress Lela Loren.

As you can see in this exclusive sneak peek at the episode, James St. Patrick and his sometime girlfriend have rather different takes on whether they’re likely to have a happily ever after… and that’s if they can somehow evade the murder and/or RICO charges lurking dangerously nearby. “Jamie, are we still the dream?” AUSA Valdes asks forlornly after Ghost pours her a glass of red. She points out that they’re “always going to be running from something,” and wonders if either of them would ever choose the other above his or her self-interests. “Is this the ending you wanted?” (TV Line)