The Los Angeles police department is keeping Pop Smoke fans updated on his murder investigation. The organization has announced the names and identities of some of the men connected to his fatal February home invasion.

LAPD x Smoke

Over the past few hours, the Los Angeles police department has shared frequent updates on Smoke’s suspects. The LAPD’s Twitter page shared specific details on who it has in custody.

“UPDATE: The three adult suspects are listed by name as—Suspect 1: Corey Walker, Supect 2: Keandre D. Rodgers and Suspect 3: Jaquan Murphy.” -LAPD’s Twitter

High-Key Details

This week, footage emerged of Philadelphia rapper PNB Rock going to his Instagram Live to spill tea on the February 2020 murder. PNB said Smoke defended himself and his California home during the attack by shooting at least one intruder.

“Pop Smoke, rest in peace. Rest in peace, Pop Smoke. Sh*t brazy, man. I was just thinking about that n*gga the other day, man. No cap. … And n*ggas don’t even know the whole story. My man Pop Smoke popped one of them n*ggas in the crib. Stop playing with him. Yeah!” -PNB Rock’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

On Thursday, Smoke’s mentor 50 Cent went to his social media pages and kept it 100 on multiple people getting arrested in connection to Smoke’s murder. The hip-hop star questioned why it took nearly 5 months to land people in handcuffs.

“👀oh sh*t, what the f*ck was the police waiting for his album to drop too. R.I.P Pop smoke #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Twitter

Before You Go

Thursday reports revealed five people, including three adults and two juveniles, had been taken in by police. While the charges hadn’t been revealed, the arrests were related to the murder investigation.

Our law enforcement sources tell us the LAPD served multiple search warrants around Los Angeles early Thursday morning, and 5 people were arrested on warrants in connection to the rapper’s murder. Sources tell us 3 adults and 2 juveniles were arrested. It’s unclear what the suspects are being charged with, but we’re told all 5 will be interviewed by police and then booked. (TMZ)