New York rapper Pop Smoke‘s death has people wondering if his affiliates might have something to do with his fatal home invasion. Speculation has developed after one of Pop’s friends put up a post hanging out outside of his California crib.

Big Facts: On Wednesday, Smoke’s friend Mike Dee allegedly edited a pic hinting at the Los Angeles mansion’s location.

High-Key Details: According to reports, a shocking Wednesday morning fatal shooting went down at Pop’s home in California.

Pop Smoke, an up and coming rapper, was shot and killed Wednesday morning in what appears to be a home invasion robbery … TMZ has learned. The rapper was at a home in the Hollywood Hills at around 4:30 AM when 2 men wearing hoodies and masks broke into a house … this according to law enforcement sources. We’re told the 2 men fired multiple shots, striking and critically wounding Pop Smoke. The men were seen fleeing on foot. (TMZ)

Wait, There’s More: Police have attempted to nab at least one suspect.

TMZ reports that no suspects have been apprehended or identified. One man was reportedly placed in handcuffs but was released after police determined he was not involved. It’s unclear if Pop Smoke knew the shooters. (Pop Culture)

Before You Go: Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has come forward to share her shock and disbelief.