Polo G Takes Legal Action Against Promoters, Suing For Nearly $500K

Written By Chris Samuel

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Polo G has recently initiated a lawsuit against two concert promoters and is seeking compensation amounting to nearly $500,000. The Chicago rapper is contending that the promoters misled the public with fraudulent advertising of live performances that were never intended to transpire. Beyond the financial ramifications, Polo G asserts that these deceptive practices have inflicted harm on both his brand and reputation within the music industry.

Polo G
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Polo G Takes Legal Action

Polo G has taken legal action against promoters J. Noah B.V. and Jozef Wanno, filing a lawsuit demanding nearly $500,000. 

According to Radar Online, the lawsuit alleges that the promoters falsely claimed to be booking agents and promoters, deceiving the public by advertising live performances that were never intended to happen. Polo G asserts that these false advertisements have caused financial harm and damaged his brand and reputation in the music industry. 

The Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, the “Epidemic” rapper had agreed with the defendants to perform overseas. 

The contract stated that he would be paid $495,000 for ten performances. However, Polo G claims that the promoters failed to fulfill their obligations. The lawsuit reveals that the rapper received only $100,000, missing the $123,000 payment deadline, and never received the remaining $23,000 or any of the promised installment payments.

Despite informing the defendants that the performances would not be happening, Polo G alleges that they continued to advertise the events. The rapper asserts that the false advertisements and misuse of his name have caused significant harm to his brand. 

Polo G’s lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for the financial losses and damage to his reputation.

Polo G’s Brother’s Legal Woes

Other news involving Polo G was his brother, Taurean Bartlett, being arrested and charged with the murder of a 20-year-old man that took place in June 2023. He is currently facing felony murder charges, along with a first-degree residential robbery charge from August 2023. 

 In August 2023, law enforcement raided the Chicago native’s home in Los Angeles as part of a robbery investigation targeting his brother, Taurean Bartlett. Polo G was handcuffed and taken into custody. 

G Herbo Sues His Former Manager

In a similar vein, fellow Chicago rapper G Herbo recently filed a lawsuit against his former manager and label, Machine Entertainment, for $8.4 million. G Herbo claimed his contract was manipulated when he was a teenager, leading to the multi-million dollar dispute.

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Written by Chris Samuel

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