Lotta Cash Desto Follows PnB Rock As Latest EMPIRE Records Rapper Killed In Last 4 Years

Written By Seeka Starsky

A Coincidence?

A number of artists once signed to EMPIRE Records have mysteriously passed away in the last four years. Lil Uzi Vert's artist, Lotta Cash Desto, just followed PnB Rock to be fatally shot.

PnB Rock
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The string of deaths has left fans suspecting there may be a connection. Amidst fan conspiracy theories, comedian Katt Williams released a chilling video on TikTok that has sparked more speculation.

The murder of PnB Rock shocked the hip-hop community. 

The Philly rapper had just released his first independent project earlier this month and was celebrating his success with his girlfriend in LA when he was gunned down. The circumstances initially reported about the shooting pointed to a robbery gone bad. However, many fans are speculating that his previous record deal with EMPIRE Records could be connected to his passing.

Fans on TikTok highlighted several deceased rappers signed to EMPIRE, speculating a possible coincidence or a terrifying truth. As TikTokers questioned the rise in the deaths of their favorite artists, a video surfaced of comedian Katt Williams with a chilling message:

“When these rappers get killed, not incidental. Somebody just made $100 million.”

Though William’s message was rather cryptic and unclear, it refers to the insurance policies taken out on recording artists. For instance, in 2013, AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group) attempted to secure a $17 million life insurance policy for global pop star Michael Jackson just days before his death, sparking conspiracy theories.

As fans continue to speculate, here is a list of other rappers who are no longer alive and were connected to the Empire label:

PnB Rock Makes 6th Rapper Who Was Once Signed To Empire Records To Be Killed In The Last 4 Years


  1. Florida rapper XXXTentacion signed with EMPIRE Records in 2017. In 2018, he signed a new ten-million-dollar deal just months before he was gunned down. 


  1. Texas rapper Mo3 released his mixtape “Osama” with EMPIRE Records in 2019; the rapper was fatally shot a year later in 2020. 
  1. Chicago rapper King Von was signed to EMPIRE Records from 2018 until his passing in 2020


  1. Memphis rapper  Young Dolph was known to distribute his projects under his own record label Paper Route Records. 

In 2018, Dolph signed a deal with EMPIRE Records—he was shot dead in his hometown in 2021. 


  1. LA rapper Drakeo The Ruler was also signed to EMPIRE Records back in 2020, releasing only one project under the label, before being stabbed to death earlier this year. 

Prayers continue to go out to the rappers’ families. 

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Written by Seeka Starsky

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