Florida rapper Plies isn’t with the games right now. The hip-hop veteran has come forward with some direct words for President Donald Trump after getting blasted for referring to Africa and some countries as sh*tholes.

Plies went to Instagram this week and kept it 100 on why President Trump will one-day get his.

“I seen the statement they said the president made about why we keep allowing immigrants to come into our country from sh*thole places like Haiti, Africa, El Salvador, why we can’t have immigrants come in from places like Norway. This ain’t even about policy or agenda, because we can agree to disagree. You just not a good person, man. You the closest thing I’ve seen to the devil in the flesh than I’ve ever seen and I promise you this. It may not be next week. It may not be next year. It may not be 10 years from now but man, God gonna deal with you. God is gonna deal with you. I don’t wish bad on nobody, God knows I don’t, but you one person. When you have your day, it ain’t gonna be fun when the Rapture got the gun. That’s all I’m gonna tell you.”

President Trump has since responded to the “sh*thole” drama and denied dissing Haiti.

Despite his denial, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin has confirmed the derogatory comments went down.

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat who was in the Oval Office on Thursday for the now-infamous immigration meeting, spoke out publicly Friday morning to insist that the reporting of what Trump said (and about whom) was entirely accurate. “You’ve seen the comments in the press,” Durbin said at an event in Chicago. “I’ve not read one of them that’s inaccurate. To no surprise, the President started tweeting this morning, denying that he used those words. It is not true.” (CNN)

Additional reports also suggest Trump made the racist remarks and tried to limit the damage.

Two sources close to the administration told NBC News that Trump worked the phones Thursday night, calling friends and allies outside the White House to gauge reaction to fallout from the “shithole” comments. One source characterized Trump as seeking reassurance, and described his mood regarding the fallout and coverage of his comments as “belligerent.” Another source told NBC News the president sought insight about how the episode might resonate among his base of supporters. (NBC News)