Florida rapper Plies has no interest in watching Donald Trump‘s inauguration. The hip-hop veteran has explained why he won’t be tuned into the historic event.

Plies went to Instagram Thursday (January 19) and properly lit up the inauguration coverage.

“For what? I feel like a motherf*cker who watching the inauguration tomorrow should be the ones that voted for the motherf*cker that’s getting inaugurated. Sh*t, f*ck I need to watch that for? Sh*t. ‘You should watch it, he’s going to be your new president.’ He ain’t going to be my new motherf*cking thing. Not me. Sh*t. Don’t even use the word ‘my.’ ‘My’ means it belongs to you. He got d*mn sure don’t belong to me. He belongs to the motherf*ckers that voted for him. So while y’all motherf*ckers watching the inauguration, I’m going to be out here trying to inaugurate this motherf*cker Hummer.”

Earlier in the day, West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg trolled Trump on his IG page.

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Recently, rap veteran Cam’ron shared his opinion on Donald Trump winning the presidency.

“Y’all voted him in. I ain’t got no opinion. I don’t even vote, so you know,” Cam said in an interview. “[Trump as president?] ’s kind of scary, you know? I think he didn’t really think he was gonna win. He seems like he’s shell-shocked to me since he won. He seems mad quiet. He’s not talking all that sh*t he been talking before the election. He been smooth. Either he just wanted to win and be cool, or I don’t even think he really thought he was gonna win.” (XXL Mag)

This week, fellow New York rapper Azealia Banks expressed an interest in performing at Trump’s inauguration.

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