Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti is giving his all to Iggy Azalea. The hip-hop artist covers The FADER‘s new Summer Music issue and dishes on his overnight boo.

Within his cover feature, Carti explains where his interest and Iggy connection stemmed from.

““Once I started talking to her, I just cut off everybody. it was over with,” Carti said about Iggy before dishing on potential collaborative plans. ““That’’s a whole ‘nother thing. I support everything she does.”” (The FADER)

Carti also reveals he and Iggy have lived together for the past few months.

The Atlanta native and his girlfriend, the rapper Iggy Azalea, have been living here for the past six months, having relocated from Los Angeles. The family photos are Iggy’s — Carti says she handled the interior decorating: “I ain’t do all this, that was her” — but there are a few clear signs that he lives here too. On the wall near the refrigerator, there’s a framed gun range target sheet with a cluster of mostly accurate bullet holes in the outlined head and chest. Carti says the gun range is one of the few activities that gets him out of the house. Besides going to the studio, there isn’t much for him to do in his hometown. He likes it that way. (The FADER)

Back in March, Iggy blessed her millions of followers with a pic of herself looking boo’d up alongside PC.

The same week, Playboi shared a must-see slideshow of pics showcasing his bond with Iggy.