[With his new P.T.S.D. album finally on store shelves, rap veteran Pharoahe Monch speaks to SOHH readers about the new project and what’s kept him apart from his competition for decades.]

The new album is just very extremely well-written. I had done 14 interviews about it and the consensus was that it’s my best written album.

For me I rap metaphorically through the eyes of an unborn child. I think this makes me very introspective as an artist, I can speak for the perspective of an artist that has battled with depression.

I set myself apart from other artists because it’s what’s in my heart at the time. I really do place upon my pen and my career making sure it’s honest and the art is sought and from the heart and if it gravitates to that you’ll hear it.

People recognize that. That’s a hard task in today’s world where there’s so much music and so much access to whatever is on your computer. You even have interviews without an anticipation to reflect the hard work in the end with the fan-base.

It’s a blessing. I feel real good. We’re not talking numbers, we’re just talking appreciation, telling me that they have heard my music is heart-warming.

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