Peter Rosenberg

Planning to expose hip-hop heads to an assortment of fresh music on his upcoming 6-track EP, New York radio personality Peter Rosenberg spoke with SOHH to explain the project’s goal and how he was able to get some of New York’s promising rappers to record a record in one big day.

As one half of the early morning show he hosts with DJ Cipha Sounds on New York’s Hot 97, Rosenberg has emerged as one of the station’s unique and comedic characters. In this exclusive, he revealed how this release was inspired by Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon.

“I started working on a project called ‘Only Built For Jewish Links,’ which would just be my homage to the Cuban Links album with artists that are spitting on the Cuban Links instrumentals,” Pete told SOHH. “It sorta faded away and morphed. And then out of the blue, in August, I was like, ‘Oh, I want to do this.’

He decided to pair producer Oddissee with a set of talented rappers for an EP titled A Rosenberg Oddisee. Rosenberg said the results surpassed his initial expectations.

“There are so many good producers out there, who don’t get exposed to the artists that they should, you know, just because of the hierarchy of the music business,” he said. “I got Oddissee up here, got some studio space that Statik Selektah helped me find, and I set [him] up. “It’s crazy, like, I don’t even think I envisioned what I first wanted to do was that the vibes would be so good, that it would be such positive energy for cats that just wanted to make hip-hop records for the sake of just making it.”

Unusual pairings of lyricists participated, including Boot Camp Clik‘s Buckshot, Saigon, MOP’s Lil’ Fame and others. Rosenberg was there with a camera to document each artist as they collaborated.

“It was a six hour time span and we were all there,” he added. “Everyone pretty much ran in to everyone. At one point, there was Saigon, Buckshot, Nikki Jean, Lil’ Fame, you know, like they were all up there at the same time. And it was literally, if you can imagine, each artist being at a stage in their song in a different room in the studio.”

Despite being only a six track project, Rosenberg promises each song delivers.

“These joints are crazy,” he said. “Every song is really, really awesome and different. I mean, I say it’s a classic hip-hop sound but it doesn’t sound dated. Oddissee is an ill producer and he has so many different styles that it just worked out. The result is, man, this thing is bananas. I’ve listened to this thing for the last couple months.”

Expecting to release it a week before the presidential election, Rosenberg hopes the project will serve as a soundtrack.

“I’m gonna leak the whole thing next week on Tuesday (October 28),” he continued. “I didn’t really want to waste much time or wait with the election which is going to be on everyone’s minds. I said, ‘You know what, it’s either going to be a really happy time for people or emotional month so why not give people a soundtrack?’ These are six songs people are going to rock heavy for the next couple months.”

To check out a sneak peek of the EP’s lead track, which features Saigon and Lil Fame go here. Rosenberg will be speaking at 92nd Y tomorrow evening (October 24) in Manhattan. For tickets check out

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