After having teen pop star Justin Bieber appear at New York’s Hot 97 radio station to kick a freestyle last week, radio host Peter Rosenberg has offered his post reaction and explained why the Biebs could ultimately help the state of hip-hop.

Although he believes that Biebs won’t turn up atop anyone’s “best rapper alive” lists, Rosenberg said his decision to have him kick a flow over DJ Premier‘s “DWYCK” instrumental will prove to be impactful.

“It’ll probably be heard by millions of people. And it’s labeled online–I intentionally labelled it ‘Dwyck’,” Rosenberg said, referring to the freestyle. “I wanted it to be out there and people to go, ‘What’s Dwyck?’ To me, amidst all the people that would be like, ‘Why’d you do that?’ Ultimately, that’s a really dope thing to do. I think that’s a win for hip-hop. Justin Bieber is not gonna be the problem with hip-hop. Justin Bieber rhyming on a real hip-hop beat only exposes people to real hip-hop. That’s just a good thing. Even if 1% of his fans look it up. Why not? I haven’t talked to Premo yet, but I think Premo will think it’s cool. I think everyone will think it’s cool.” (XXL Mag)

Bieber’s recorded Hot 97 freestyle made headlines late last week.

Justin Bieber appeared on Hot 97 this morning and drop a freestyle over Gang Starr’s “DWYCK” on Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg’s radio show. This is the second time in a month Bieber has taken to radio and dropped verses. The first time was over “Otis” on LA’s Power 106, which we’ll admit impressed us quite a bit, but now going in over Gang Starr, Biebs seems determined to prove hip hop is something he’s at least considering taking seriously. It is probably safe to say Bieber will not be abandoning pop music anytime soon, but maybe he will surprise us down the road. What do you think? Does Bieber have what it takes to play in hip hop game or should he stick to croon&swoon pop? (Under The Gun Review)

Despite generally positive reactions, some bloggers took offense to Biebs’ rhymes.

Anyway, going on to the topic, Baby Sh*t dropped in on Hot 97 to share a freestyle that, as was stated in the aforementioned paragraph, was either previously memorized, or, in the most likely circumstance, previously memorized and also ghostwritten (the fact that he has to announce that Ludacris didn’t write it speaks plenty on his pen). I won’t buy the truth until I see some proof. (Ology)

After mistakenly accusing Bieber of wanting Ludacris to pen his own freestyle for last month’s “BET Hip-Hop Awards” cypher, Premier recently said he is ready to link up with the 17 year-old Canadian-bred singer.

“I’d love to work with him, just as long as he writes it,” Premier said, jokingly adding, “He’s gotta sit there in front of me and write it. I’d love to work with him and it would be dope.” Primo went on to explain his insistence that Bieber pen his own lyrics. “At the cyphers, I said yo, I’m down for him to spit it, but if somebody writes your rap, you can’t do it. That was my only comment. Even though I said, ‘Write your own rhymes honey and all that’–I’ma jokester, I could do that and it wasn’t even a diss.” (RapFix)

Check out Justin Bieber’s freestyle below: