Rap veterans Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun have exposed the New York Police Department’s brutal approach to handling hip-hop fans following a raid during their album release party in Manhattan.

Rock hit up Twitter to describe what went down during Tuesday’s police brawl.

“Ok,here come everybody wit da bullsh*t rumors lol! Me and my family are fine, i didnt get touched by any cops, i know i cant stop people from makin up a story but this is not the type of publicity i wanted,not @ all and i didnt expect this to go down like it did! shame on those cops man! The cops were jealous of the good time! and no my wife didnt get beat up @ all lol. she was trying to calm her daughter and was protecting her from getting beat up by the pigs! she fell backwards on sum garbage bags im actually proud of my wifey man,she protected her daughter. Deez police are outta hand,i saw them beat up a woman. Lame and short,they were short smurfy cops,without badge and gun they soft!,” [sic] he tweeted June 28th. (Pete Rock’s Twitter)

General Steele also provided insight on last night’s spectacle.

“#NYPD are killers…I seen what you u did to that girl,” he tweeted June 28th.

“they beat that girl up.”

“police ran down some real live gang bang gansta sht tonight at the #Monumental Release ..news at 11” (General Steele’s Twitter)

DJ Jay Diamond, who was in attendance, provided a rundown of what happened.

“There was a fight outside the club and it got really nasty. We had no idea what was going on in the club, like absolutely no idea,” Jay said in a video. “Everything just shut down and we were told to make our way out the building, and as we did so, mace was thrown into the building…Bascially all the NYPD turned up and fucked up Pete Rock’s wife, is what I heard, and his daughter in the car. There were artists on the floor being battered, women being battered…Instead of talking, trying to get people to move, they were saying, ‘F*ck off! Get off the block!'” (Lady Jay UK)

The event was to celebrate Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun’s new Monumental album release.

With Pete relegated to the beatsmith role–showing up to rap on only a pair of tracks–the Cocoa Brovaz invite a host of emcees to the party. Freeway appears on the deceptively titled “Roses,” Bun B spits over the dark piano stabs of “Feel Me,” and fellow BCC member Sean Price makes humorous quips (“Slave master/I sell white girl”) on the violin-driven “That’s Hard,” also featuring D-Block general Styles P. The zenith of Monumental, however, are Pete Rock’s backdrops as he is creatively all over the place, sprinkling vintage boom bap with a mishmash of mariachi, rock and even dancehall throughout the album. From the roller rink thump of the Hurricane G-guested “Do It” to the ragamuffin stylings of “This One,” a reinvigorated Pete is rather unique. (XXL)

Check out DJ Jay Rock’s account of what went down below: