[As anticipation for WGN America’s new “Underground” television series continues to build, SOHH has teamed up with the network to premiere two new trailers. Presented by Get Lifted, executive Producers John Legend, Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius, “Wanted” is told from the perspective of one of the slave owners, Tom Macon (played by Reed Diamond), and “The Plan” is distinctly told from the viewpoint of a slave named Noah, portrayed by Aldis Hodge.]

“The Plan”


“Underground” centers on a group of slaves planning a daring 600-mile escape from a Georgia plantation. Along the way, they are aided by a secret abolitionist couple running a station on the Underground Railroad as they attempt to evade the people charged with bringing them back, dead or alive. (IMDb)

“Underground” is slated to premiere on WGN America March 9, 2016