There’s no better way to enjoy spring break than going somewhere warm and having music blasting. Tech giant Monster has raised stakes once again with its boombox collection by introducing the RaveBox. EDM-inspired, it brings a whole new twist to flashing lights.

Check out Monster’s U.M.E. South Padre Island spring break RaveBox unveiling below!

See how it went down with @enjoyryde at @umesouthpadre. #BoomboxReimagined #UME17 🔊

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Closed out day 3 of @umesouthpadre with heavyweights Slushii, REZZ and Tiesto. Monster Ravebox, the #BoomboxReimagined

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In addition to its mesmerizing synchronized LED light show capabilities, the Monster Ravebox offers the same powerful high-wattage bi-directional sound as the original Blaster, with full and deep bass. The secret to the explosive sound is an innovative design and technology that features including a V-shaped angled cabinet with drivers on both sides that project on either side of the speaker.

This creates direct and reflective sound that comes towards you and bounces off the wall to create a completely immersive experience that Monster calls V-Sound™. They also features Monster’s proprietary PowerBass™, an integrated powered subwoofer for real bass response.

Ravebox also offers Indoor and Outdoor Dual EQ Voicing Profiles that optimizes the sound for any environment, and enhances bass further for outdoor listening sessions. Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well as classic styling that will look great on anyone’s shoulder or at any social gathering. Best of all, Ravebox has 12 hours of continuous battery power, so you can literally dance the night away! Adding to its modern convenience features, Ravebox features a USB charging port so you can recharge your smartphone while partying.