Atlanta rapper HicksBoi4Real gets the camera rolling and pieces together a gritty new visual for his “Run Up A Check” banger. Kick back and peep the music video below!

As one third of Northwest Atlanta’s Dynamic Trio, Jimmy With An H, HicksBoi4Real is known to bring the energy needed to take things to next level. His solo effort is not a departure from Jimmy Wit An H but his journey into expanding his artistry.

Born, Naijee Hicks, HicksBoi4Real moved to Atlanta at the young age of 3. There, he immersed himself in Atlanta’s rich and vibrant hip hop culture. While in high school, he met up with TJ “Jxmmy” King and formed the group Jimmy With An H. Soon thereafter, the group caught the eye of music industry legend, Neal Pogue who quickly signed them to his company, Fulton Yard Unlimited.

Under Neal’s watchful eye, HicksBoi4Real has honed his craft. Influenced by artists such as Lil Wayne, T.I., Drake and others and with the support of his bandmates, he presents his first solo effort, a mixtape called, “The Youngest OG”. The single off the mixtape “Run Up a Check” is quickly growing in popularity. HicksBoi4Real has been performing all over the Southeast Region including Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. His momentum is growing.

Experience the world according to HicksBoi4Real… The Youngest OG.