State Property‘s Peedi Crakk has shared his reaction to Dame Dash‘s recent claims of resurrecting Roc-A-Fella Records.

Peedi said the likelihood of State Property re-joining The Roc was a long shot.

“I could see that happening…but do I think it will? Doubt it,” Peedi said in an interview. “I could visualize it like it was a beautiful comeback or something. Dame is always for the artist. He tries to make his artist as big as they should be and he tries to work with whatever they give him. He’s an artist in his own right, but getting the band back together would not happen because myself and others are really enjoying their own space. I love Dame as the boss of Roc-A-Fella at that time, but I was too young to really appreciate what was going on, business-wise. You don’t realize it until you meet some new real a**holes that you want the old a**hole back.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this month, Dame said the label’s first project would be rap newcomer Curren$y‘s debut.

“[Curren$y] inspired me to dust off the chains. We brought ’em out for kicks, just ’cause we could. Then we was like, ‘F— it, let’s put it out through Roc-A-Fella.’ It was really more something he wanted to do. Basically, ’cause we havin’ such a good time, and the opportunity’s there, we was like, ‘Why not?’ … Def Jam or Universal bought the brand. I think the ‘beef’ [with us and Jay-Z] was that Jay made it clear he didn’t want me or Biggs to be a part of it. That’s really where it was at. Now that he doesn’t work for Def Jam anymore, he doesn’t have the right to use the name. So there’s no reason for us not to use it. It’s there, and it’s a brand that’s not being used. So I was like, ‘I’ll take it.’ It always meant something to me.” (MTV)

Curren$y also shared his reaction of Dame’s decision to support his movement.

“What that means, what that shows me, is that dude thinks as highly of me as I do him,” Curren$y said about releasing an LP on the label Dash co-founded with Jay-Z and Kareem “Biggs” Burke in the mid-1990s. “I know what’s behind that. We all know and the fans know what that represented at the height of it. The aesthetic of it.” (MTV)

Dash recently talked about his past financial troubles and blamed the media for building too much hype around him.

“I started to go through a lot of bad press all of a sudden,” he explains of the period following the sale of his shares in Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear Clothing. “Like, the recession hit everybody, but me being a businessman and motherf*ckers getting caught up in the storm, all my issues were completely public. And completely exaggerated. So the recession sh*t happens, I don’t give a f*ck.” (YRB Magazine)

Check out a recent Peedi Crakk interview below: