Houston rapper Paul Wall is focusing on his music and higher powers following his recent drug arrest. The hip-hop veteran appears in a new Christian-inspired music video called “I’m Run’N.”

According to reports, the new Pyrexx and Wall visual premiered online shortly after the hip-hop artist found himself arrested.

The video for the song came at the top of the year just days after being charged by the Houston Police Department for narcotics possession in which Wall, rapper Baby Bash (legal name Ronald Bryant) and seven others were arrested. “I’m Run’N” also features T’Burton and Canon. Wall took the second verse of the song and in the video is seen in a classroom before rapping his lyrics. (Christian Post)


Wall and fellow hip-hop artist Baby Bash reportedly face years behind bars if convicted for drug possession.

Wall and Baby Bash admitted to the judge that they both had marijuana and prescription drugs in their systems. The charge is a first degree felony. If convicted, the rappers could face five to 20 years in jail. (ABC 13)

Last week, Paul Wall appeared in a Houston courtroom for his drug bust.

Famed Houston rapper Paul Wall, whose legal name is Paul Michael Slayton, appeared Tuesday in a Harris County courtroom on charges of organized crime, accused of working with three other men to sell THC, the waxy extract of marijuana. He told the judge he likely would test positive for marijuana, THC, codeine, hydrocodone and Ativan, which is similar to Xanax. The judge Tuesday processed all the suspects from the so-called “smoke party” three at a time, giving them warnings and hearing allegations. (Chron)

Last month, West Coast rapper Baby Bash addressed their overblown arrests.

BB tells us it was just a marijuana party, but then dropped some highly relevant info … dabs were on the menu at the party. Dabs are a concentrated dose of cannabis made by extracting THC, and that takes you into felony territory. Bash also fesses up … he can’t assume he’ll get the same reception in Texas as in California. (TMZ)