Houston rapper Paul Wall grabbed the suit and tie for a Tuesday (December 27) court hearing following a recent drug-related Texas arrest.

According to reports, Wall and other members of his entourage showed up at an H-Town courtroom to find out his fate.

Famed Houston rapper Paul Wall, whose legal name is Paul Michael Slayton, appeared Tuesday in a Harris County courtroom on charges of organized crime, accused of working with three other men to sell THC, the waxy extract of marijuana. He told the judge he likely would test positive for marijuana, THC, codeine, hydrocodone and Ativan, which is similar to Xanax. The judge Tuesday processed all the suspects from the so-called “smoke party” three at a time, giving them warnings and hearing allegations. (Chron)

Last week, West Coast rapper Baby Bash addressed their overblown arrests.

BB tells us it was just a marijuana party, but then dropped some highly relevant info … dabs were on the menu at the party. Dabs are a concentrated dose of cannabis made by extracting THC, and that takes you into felony territory. Bash also fesses up … he can’t assume he’ll get the same reception in Texas as in California. (TMZ)

Heading into the weekend, Bash jumped on Instagram to downplay the case.


Details surfaced a few hours prior about Bash and Wall’s arrests.

Law enforcement sources in Houston tell us officers executed a search warrant early Friday morning. Wall and Bash were there and got arrested on the spot, along with 8 other people. According to court records, both have been hit with felonies. At this time, it’s unclear what drugs were found during the raid. The rappers were also busted together in 2011 … for possession of weed in El Paso. (TMZ)