New York rapper Wais P the Pimp, known for his past work with Roc-A-Fella Records, was reportedly arrested this week for an alleged role in sex trafficking.

According to reports, the bust went down Wednesday (April 8).

A rapper known as Wais P the Pimp, who contributed to Jay-Z tracks in the 90s, was charged with promoting prostitution on Thursday, police said. Malcolm Byer, 41, of Teaneck, N.J., who is better known by his rap alias, was arrested on Wednesday after appearing in Manhattan Supreme Court on DWI charges, law enforcement sources said. (NY Daily News)

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Wais P is one of multiple people arrested for having an involvement in the prostitution crime.

The rapper, featured on the song “If I Should Die” on Jay-Z’s 1998 album “Vol 2: Hard Knock Life,” was the fourth person arrested since December 2013 in a joint operation between the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the NYPD targeting sex trafficking in Midtown. The operation, known as the “Bright Lights, Big City,” builds cases on suspects using wire taps and financial records, officials said. (NY Daily News)

Although active with retweets, Wais’ last Twitter post dates back to February.