R&B singer Paloma Ford and fashion designer Milano Di Rouge are more than crushed. The duo have come forward to speak out on their longtime pal getting hit with a hefty prison sentence.

Both Ford and Milano took to their Instagram pages to speak on Meek getting treated unfairly by a Philadelphia judge.

I struggled writing this caption, idk whether to be brief or detailed, but 2-4yrs? Goddamn after all the proof and clarity given today the judge still sentenced him to 2-4yrs. That shit hurt my heart, the system really designed for black men to fail. This man faced the judge today as an artist and a business man not a criminal. But they prosecuted him like he committed a crime. It gotta be something that can be done to overturn this conviction. Meek can't go out like that, not like this, this shit right here is bullshit. 2-4 years? No way. Can't go out without a fight. Ps: If you support Meek make sure y'all listen to that Wins & Losses, put that shit on blast 📢this is the same shit he spoke about. If you don't got it then get the album today, stream it on iTunes or tidal & shop that dream chasers Merch on Meekmill.com. We gon keep Meek name ringing bells in these streets. We got to!! He encouraged us all to be DreamChasers, he gave us hope & motivation to chase our dreams even when the odds are against us. We gotta stand tall with him ✊🏽 #FreeMeekMill #DreamChasers #WinsAndLosses

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Since yesterday, various hip-hop artists and entertainers have spoken up for Meek.

According to Meek lawyer Joe Tacopina, the judge’s sentence stemmed from a past song request.

According to Tacopina, Meek and the the judge are from the same part of Philly and know some of the same people. Tacopina says the judge suggested to Meek — during a meeting in chambers last year — he do a remake of Boyz II Men’s, “On Bended Knee” … and give her, the judge, a shout-out. Meek thought she was kidding and laughed. Tacopina claims she said, “I’m not kidding,” and when Meek refused to do it, she replied … “Okay, suit yourself.” (TMZ)

New York rapper Casanova 2x has publicly flexed his support for Meek amid his 2 to 4-year prison sentence.

“F*ck wrong with you n*ggas? Y’all n*ggas saying ‘Free Meek’ but y’all really ain’t f*cking with him. I f*ck with Meek, n*gga. Meek was one of the first n*ggas that gave me that thing, n*gga. Free Meek! I’ma say it every motherf*cking time, n*gga! Free Tax! I’ma say that every motherf*cking time, n*gga! Free 8Ball. I’ma say that every motherf*cking time, n*gga! Free Ja! I’ma say it every motherf*cking time. Free my brother! I’ma say it every motherf*cking time. Free Snipe! I been saying free this n*gga for 10 years and it’s still Free Cash and he’s here. F*ck is wrong with you n*ggas?”


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