P. Diddy needs to hop on the remix of Cassidy‘s "I’m A Hustler". P. Diddy has been hustling for years since his early video appearances as a dancer in Doug E. Fresh‘s Summertime video. From starting Bad Boy Entertainment to getting publishing from Jadakiss for the rest of his natural born life, P. Diddy is a hustler.

I think it was just the other week when I was counting P. Diddy out. I mean, what is the last artist that he really introduced? Please do not say B5. I expect that group to flop like  a goldfish in 1mm of water. Plus he’s got so many people sitting on the side like Cheri Dennis and Black Rob. And then he’s got this 4 man group, Boyz N Tha Hood. I guess there is a group name worst than The Hoodfellaz.

With so much going against him how did he sell 50% of Bad Boy for $30 million dollars to Warner Bros. Music? Is there something that I’m missing?

Nevertheless, I have to respect the mans hustle; to turn nothing into something. And at this point, Bad Boy Entertainment is nothing. Diddy could sell a glass of milk to a lactose intolerant person.

P. Diddy = SOHH Hustlin’