[P.O.S. of the noted Doomtree collective recently sat down with hip-hop personality and SOHH correspondent Shawn Setaro on his popular “The Cipher” podcast. Listen to the full interview and check out five gems he dropped during the Q&A. Photo credit: Chad Kamenshine]

On sampling:

“The way that I sampled was, I was trying to sample bands that I thought were special bands that just me and people like me knew about. That wasn’t about legal things. I was thinking about trying to give little nods to people that listen to the same kind of music as me, even though I’m making rap.”

On the scratching on his debut album Ipecac Heart:

“If you’ll notice notice, all the scratching is really abrasive noises. I wanted to approach scratching in a more aggressive and punk way.”

On how he got into punk:

“If everybody thinks I’m super-weird and nobody’s trying to hang out, but I’m not trying to do what everybody else is doing anyway, and I see somebody skateboarding, then I go ask what that’s about. I get into skateboarding culture, and then of course the world opens up.”

On what having a son at 17 did for his career drive as a musician:

“It made me feel like, if I was ever going to do it in a serious way, it had to be now. I had to really go for it. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do with myself, so it’s all I did. It’s what I was doing before I had a kid, and I was 17, so it’s what I was going to keep on doing.”

On how he started rapping:

“Rapping was something that I could do, but I didn’t really hang out with people that did it, except when I would hang out with my cousins, and I was too nervous to do it around them. So it was something I would only do by myself. I didn’t take rap seriously at all until my band Om broke up because everyone went to college. Then I started rapping, just because I could do it by myself.”