[With the fashion industry proving to be a competitive field for anyone to join, overnight clothing company Cream Scheme’s head Jah Focus tells SOHH what makes up a Cream Schemer.]

A Cream Scheme person is someone who is surviving and thriving out here through hard work and someone who isn’t satisfied just going to work for another person.

It’s just about being a go-getter out here and gaining security out here.

Survive and thrive is our saying but another one is get it how you get it. Whether you’re a street hustler or a CEO, everyone is out here trying to expand for resources.

At the moment, we’re online and we’re building partnerships with stores as well. But right now, the best way to support the company is really going to our website.

All of our stuff is on there and you can feel free to hit us up on social media. Follow us and share with all of your friends.

You can let them know what we have and stay updated.

Stay connected to Cream Scheme on IG: @Cream_Scheme