Late rap icon 2Pac’s protégé E.D.I. Mean isn’t here for a headline-generating nude pic auction. The Outlawz group member has responded to buzz about Tupac Shakur’s former flame trying to make bank off his manhood.

In a new interview, Mean said the nude pic should not go up for sale or reach the public.

“Whoever is selling it, the young lady that’s selling it, I’m sure she has a family and children or maybe children or something and she needs the money. But I’m more curious to see who would want it? You talking about a pic that was taken when he was in his late teens, 19, 20-years-old. So how much of a real relationship could they have had? I’m sure 2Pac doesn’t mean that much to her especially if she’s selling a pic like this. I don’t expect her to have any moral duty to 2Pac or moral obligation. I absolutely think it should not be sold. At best, it should be given back to his estate but she should probably destroy it. But again, I understand, the thirst is real out here. So it’s not surprising to me. 2Pac is still prominent and relevant in today’s society.” (TMZ)

This week, a report emerged about a Pac ex-girlfriend trying to make around $8,000 for the pic.

This particular night … we’re told Pac’s gf at the time threatened to snap a photo if he didn’t cover up. Of course, he didn’t back down, and the d**k pic was born. We’re told the ex wants to privately sell it for $7,500. A rock ‘n’ roll auction house is accepting offers, but if she can’t get the asking price, the woman plans to let it go to the highest bidder. (TMZ)

Recently, NBA superstar Kevin Durant talked about getting Pac tattooed onto his body.

“Tupac was known for being woke, being politically incorrect, having a voice, and standing up for himself, standing up for what he believes is right. He expressed that in his music, he expressed that in interviews, he expressed that through his movies, through his artistic work. It’s way bigger than him being an artist or making a hot-ass song or having a No. 1 record. It’s that at that age, for you to be thinking about the stuff you were thinking about, at 22, 23 years old, and he died at 25, like … young people don’t think like that. So for him to have that type of mindset at that age where he’s projected to be around, today would’ve been like Gandhi, you know what I’m saying? Or like Nelson Mandela-type intelligence for our culture, our people, our voice as being from the neighborhood. He meant so much to having me just think a different way. From watching him, following his story, following every interview I can.” (Mercury News)

In July 2016, Durant briefly addressed his now-infamous 2Pac tat.

“Aw, man, you weren’t supposed to see that,” Durant said, sheepishly, as if he had hoped to keep the image hidden under tights and socks, or planned a grand unveiling at a later date. The next day, however, Durant left the tattoo exposed for anyone to see and even offered an explanation for how Shakur’s lyrics helped inspire the body art, even if the Notorious B.I.G. was his all-time favorite rapper. (Yahoo! Sports)