Diehard OutKast fans will finally have an opportunity to see Andre 3000 and Big Boi grace the same stage as Organized Noize producer Rico Wade has confirmed speculated Coachella plans.

According to Rico, Andre 3000 also has a collaboration with fellow Atlanta rapper Future in the books.

Rico also happens to be Future’s older cousin, which is how Future ended up with “DUNGEON” tattooed on his right forearm and “FAMILY” on his left. “I put Future in the studio for the first time,” Rico explains, eager to shed light on his own under-recognized legacy. As we bide our time in the lobby, he affably spills the beans about unreleased Andre 3000 solo songs from a decade ago and his hopes to score Future a cameo during OutKast’s reunion sets at Coachella. Eventually he pulls out his iPhone and plays me a Future/Andre collaboration he produced called “Benz B*tch” that’s earmarked for Honest. It’s yet another side of Future and one rarely heard: brainy, libidinous space-age funk mined from Stankonia’s dankest caverns, an homage to his Dungeon Family roots. (Stereo Gum)

While details were scarce, a photo of Three Stacks and Future popped up online last month.

André has now been spotted with fellow Atlanta rapper Future. The picture was posted on Future’s Instagram, and once again André 3000 is keeping things interesting by throwing up the peace sign and smiling like a kid who just found out he was going to Disneyland for his birthday. As Future told Complex TV recently, his blood line with André and the Dungeon Family runs deep. The Auto-Tune crooner is the cousin of Rico Wade, a producer that shaped the Dungeon Family sound with his group Organized Noize. Future says he would sit in on recording sessions with OutKast when he was just a kid. This connection is a reunion of sorts for them. Hopefully some music comes out of it as well. (Complex)

A week prior, Boi unleashed photos of himself and Three Stacks onto his Instagram page.

Last month, rumors started to fly that OutKast would be reuniting in 2014. While those rumors are still unconfirmed, fans of the group have reason to be encouraged. Yesterday, Big Boi posted pictures of he and Andre 3000 hanging out together in Atlanta. One picture shows the duo hanging out on Stewart Avenue, a street that has now been renamed in the city because of its connotations with crime, and the other shows them in an undisclosed location (a studio, perhaps?). In both, Big and Dre seem like they’re having fun. We can only hope this means the group is getting back to work. (XXL Mag)

Prior to Wade’s confirmation, buzz about the iconic rappers gearing up to reunite ten years following their debut album’s release hit the Internet.

“After years of speculation, Revolt can report that OutKast will be reuniting and going on tour in 2014. OutKast’s Andre 3000 and Big Boi had been on hiatus since 2007 after releasing 2006’s Idlewild. Since relesaing Idlewild, Andre 3K has been busy with numerous films including the Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. 2014 marks the 20th anniversary since their debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. Perfect timing for a reunion. You best believe we’re going to have much more on the OutKast reunion right here and over on our website Revolt.TV.” (Revolt TV)

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