New York rapper Fredro Starr is fed up. The hip-hop veteran has come through with a hard-hitting diss record aimed at COVID-19’s closest kin – the coronavirus.

Big Facts

This week, Fredro blessed the rap game with his hard-hitting freestyle. In the clip, he’s delivering big facts about the current state of the nation with sports and businesses shutting down over COVID-19.

“Sh*t is real, I’m looking at the news like, ‘What now?’/Coronavirus got everything shut down/NBA, shutdown. Major League, shutdown/N*ggas on a plane getting tested when it touch down/United States travel ban, face covered up like a Taliban/City on lockdown, they just turned the lights off/N*ggas start coughing get sprayed with Lysol/They better hurry with the vaccine, because toilet paper got n*ggas acting like crack fiends/Super markets trashed, stock market crashed”

High-Key Details

Fredro took things a little further. He even acknowledged Hollywood superstar Idris Elba recently testing for coronavirus.

“Cardi B ain’t the only motherf*cker that’s scared,” Fredro continues to rap. “Nobody safe we even got my n*gga Idris/They telling lies, ain’t hearing that sh*t – it’s the last days, survival of the fittest/I get mine the mask way/I’m looking at the news like ‘What now,’/Coronavirus got everything shut down”

Wait, There’s More

This week, Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley went online and didn’t hold back on throwing out a positive suggestion for fans dealing with COVID-19 fears. Grizz advised people to focus on bettering themselves as they go through their self quarantines.

“So everybody about to be in the house. Everybody about to be spending a lot more time on social media. One thing I done seen social media do to people is double back on their life and question theyself based off what they see other people doing. You feel me? So I got the best plan for y’all. I got the best strategy for y’all. So while everybody’s quarantining, I want you to focus on everything that you’ve been doing, all the mistakes you’ve been making and come up with a plan on how you can switch up on how you’re moving around so you can have a head start on this sh*t so when the world back up and running, you already know what the f*ck to do to better your life. You can put yourself in a better position. You feel me? Don’t be on social media all day. This sh*t ain’t going to do nothing but bring jealousy – so when sh*t back up, you know what you’re doing and you have a head start. You feel me? I’m about to get me some water and tissues because everybody’s doing that. I don’t know what the f*ck we’re getting water and tissues for but everybody’s getting it.”

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Before You Go

This week, rap crooner Swae Lee hit up his Twitter page to promise followers his focus is on wrapping up a new studio effort. He said he would use his isolation to fine-tune his upcoming solo album during the coronavirus crisis.

“I’ll be self quarantining finishing up my album.”